1. Explain this statement: "A spotter should have a high level of personal physical fitness."
    Spotting is the physical assistance a gymnast recives during the execution of gymnastics skills. Effective spotting requires strength, concentration, coordination, and endurance. Like other physical skills, good spotting is acquired through practice.
  2. What part of the gymnast's body should the spotter be most concerned about protecting? Why?
    The spotter's primary function is to prevent the gymnast's head from hitting the floor. In gymnastics, the most serious injuries are head and cervical injuries.
  3. For what age level do you think you would be most likely to require an assistant spotter?
    Junior and senior high school age
  4. What other methods of spotting besides hand spotting are sometimes used for tumbling?
    The hand belt, overhead mounted belt and overhead traveling belt
  5. Why should the knees stay bent when spotting?
    The spotter will tire quickly and be unable to maintain enough strength to spot numerous repetitions with poor technique, such as straight knees and arms.
  6. What is a light spot? What is a heavy spot?
    Manual spotting typically progresses from maximal assistance — a heavy spot — to minimal assistance — a light spot.
  7. What is considered an ideal teacher/student ratio in gymnastics?
  8. What are some suggestions spotters should follow for their own safety?
    Spotters should avoid poor technique and positioning which could lead to lower-back stress, shoulder fatique, and extreme elbow soreness. Also, the spotter should maintain communication with the gymnast as to which skill is being worked, which leg is the working leg; a spotter could be kicked were there a misunderstanding.
  9. Explain the statement that spotting is a "double responsibility."
    The point of departure toward performing any skill is the performance of spotted skills. The spotter must both communicate information as well as assist physically durring the gymnasts progression to mastery of the skill.
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