1. What happened in 1492 during the Era of Explorations?
    Columbus lands in America
  2. What happened in 1519 during the Era of Exploration?
    Pineda Maps the Coast of the Gulf
  3. What happened in 1718 during the Era of Missions?
    The Alamo was finished being built to convert Indians to Chrisitianity
  4. What happened in 1821 during the Era of Colonization on the Anglo side?
    Stephen F. Austin brings old 300
  5. What happened in 1821 during the Era of Colonization on the Mexican side?
    Mexico gains independence from Spain
  6. What happened on March 2, 1836 during the Era of the Republic?
    Texas gains independence from Mexico
  7. What happened in 1845 during the Statehood Era?
    Texas is annexed as the 28th state to the U.S.
  8. List the main events of the Texas Revolution in order from the first event to the last.
    1. Battle of Gonzales 2. Battle of the Alamo 3. Goliad Massacre 4. Battle of San Jacinto 5. Velasco Treaties.
  9. What did the men at the Alamo need the most?
    They needed more help to fight.
  10. What event happened after the Alamo, but before San Jacinto Battle?
    Goliad Massacre
  11. List the 7 Era's in order from the Earliest to the Latest
    • 1. Exploration Era 1492
    • 2. Mission Era 1689
    • 3. Colonization Era 1821
    • 4. Revolution Era 1835
    • 5. Republic Era 1836
    • 6. Statehood Era
    • 7. Civil War Era 1861
  12. What problem did Texas have when it got a new Capital?
    Papers had to move and the archives of war capital was moving
  13. What problem did Texas have when Stephen F. Austin died?
    Leadership was lost in the State of Texas
  14. What was the problem that Mexico had with Texas?
    It would not believe that Texas was an independent country.
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