1. What are some changes, ideologically and musically, of The New Order?
    • 1. Ideas of liberty, equality, and brotherhood spread across Europe.
    • 2. The changed political and econmoic order had a strong impact on music.
    • - decline of aristocratic patronage;rise of middle-class music-making and public concerts
    • -music for home or public performance became more prominent than ever
  2. How did music-making affect middle and upper classes?
    • It offered an outlet.
    • Music-making in the home was mainly the piano.
    • Piano innovations allowed for new effects and expanded ranger.
    • It also became the for public concerts.
  3. What style was created with the boom in music publishing, and what were its characteristics?
    • early Romantic style:Accessibility, while being appealing.
    • - beautiful melodies with attractive accompaniments
    • -strong extra-musical associations and descriptive titles
    • -mixture of conventional and unusual harmonies
    • Found throughout music, in home and public.
  4. How was Romanticism birthed?
    Started in Germany as a literary movement, especially fascination with the medieval romance. Gives its name to an artistic movement that values imagination and personal expression.
  5. What are some characteristics of the Romantic movement?
    • In a society driven by technology, Romaticism provided refuge in the past, in myths, dreams, in the supernatural, and the irrational.
    • As people moved to urban centres, nature was increasingly valued
    • While life became routine in factories and shops, Romaticism pursued novelty and the exotic.
  6. What were some distinctions made between types of instrumental music?
    • Programmatic: recounts a story or sequence of events, often described in a text called a program.
    • Character Piece: suggests a particular mood, personality, or scene that is usually indicated in the title.
    • Absolute Music: music with no programmatic or descriptive aspects - music that exists for its own sake.
  7. What were some links between literature and music in the Romantic movement? What type of genre did this create?
    • 1. Many composers were writers.
    • 2. Instrumental works were often linked to literary works through a descriptive title or program.
    • 3. In setting words to music, composers sought to create a closer union than ever before.
    • It created the German Lied
  8. What is the Lied?
    • A German Art song of the Romantic period, for solo voice with piano accompaniment. Usually as important as the vocal part. Uses fine poems.
    • Became very important genre of the 19th century.
    • Lieder (pl.) were often grouped into collections with a unifying characteristic, such as texts by a single poet
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