1. What are some characteristics of the Eroica Symphony?
    • 1803-1804
    • Longer than any other previous symphony
    • Title suggests that the symphony is a celebration of the ideals of heroic greatness
    • Perhaps the heroism depicted in the work is Beethoven's own
    • Revolutionary length, complexity, and rhythmic force
    • Revolutionary: four movements, but each extends Classical principles of form and tonality. Remains his most innovative up to his ninth.
  2. Give everything about Symphony No.3 In E-Flat Major
    • Composer: Beethoven
    • Genre: Symphony (first movement)
    • Century: 19th
    • Form: sonata form
    • Characteristics: Two loud tonic chords at the opening provide the briefest of introductions.
    • Movement has dissonances far more intense than the symphonies of Mozart or Haydn.
  3. How was Beethoven considered a "cultural hero"?
    • His life story helped to define the Romantic view of the creative artist as a social outsider.
    • Beethoven's works are central to the symhponic repetoire, and to the repertoires for piano, for string quartet, and for other chamber ensembles; later composers for those media have had to come to terms with him.
    • Beethoven's influence is felt not only in musical style and technique, but also in conceptions of music and the role of the composer. (image of a composer as an artist pursuing self-expression)
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