MCB 62 Psychadelics Cont. 11.30

  1. Peyote
    • peyote cactus=lophophora willamsi
    • only grows in mexico/ SW United States
    • indigenous people use it spirtually
    • whole plant is schedule 1
    • mescaline identified by Arthur Heffter in 1897
  2. Quanah Parker
    • oklahoma comanche
    • most famous disseminator of peyote religious practices
  3. Native American Church
    • incorporated in 1918
    • peyote is the official sacrament
    • current memebership over 250,000
    • exception to CSA for bonafide members of native american church
  4. Al Smith v State of Oregon
    • fired because of peyote use
    • oregon supreme court ruled he had to be compensated or re hired
    • took it to supreme court and the agreed
  5. US Congress Religious Freedom Restoration Act 1993-1994
    Made sure no more Al Smith's would happen
  6. DMT
    • DImethyltryptamine
    • found in amazon jungle
    • is a monoamine (one CH3 group)
  7. MAO and MAOI
    • Monoamine oxidase is present in liver and elsewhere
    • DMT cannot be taken orally because of this, must bypass the digestive system
  8. Psychotria viridis
    shrub that contains DMT
  9. Ayahuasca Vine
    • banisteriopsis caapi
    • means "vine of the spirit"
    • mixed with psychotria viridis to make ayahuasca drink
  10. Harmine
    • from Banisteriopsis caapi
    • MAOI
  11. Ayahuasca based religions
    • native Amazonian spiritual healing rituals
    • Santo Daime
    • Uniao do Vegetal
  12. USA v UDV
    • psychotria viridis contains DMT, needed for ayahuasca brew
    • supreme court ruled it was ok for religious use
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