CH11 - CNET Key Terms

  1. This VPN mode establishes a VPN connection between a single client computer and a VPN device.
    client-to-gateway VPN mode
  2. A class of software designed to help businesses manage their customers and prospects.
    customer relationship management (CRM)
  3. The license that governs how an application can be used. The EULA specifies how many users are allowed to use an application, how many times it can be installed, and whether the software can be copied, among other things.
    end user license agreement (EULA)
  4. This VPN mode establishes a connection between two routers that support VPN.
    gateway-to-gateway VPN mode
  5. The process by which a router forwards a request for a particular TCP or UDP port on to a specified computer.
    port forwarding
  6. The cost of a product or service when intangibles such as support costs and productivity gain or loss are factored in.
    total cost of ownership (TCO)
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CH11 - CNET Key Terms
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