Lesson 2 & 3

  1. Yào

    To want

  2. Bú yào
    (boo yow)

    Not to Want

  3. What does the letter "j" sound like?
    Sounds like the "j" in jeep
  4. What does the letter "z" sound like?
    sounds like "zzz" like the end of the word hands
  5. Zàijiàn
    (zie jin)
  6. Bú yào kāfēi
    (boo yow KA fay)
    I don't want coffee
  7. Bú yào, xiè xie!
    (boo yow, sheya sheya!)

    I don't want, thank you!

  8. Kāfēi
    (KA fay)


  9. Kāfēi hĕn hăo
    (KA fay hen how)

    The coffee is very good

  10. Nà ge
    (na ga)

    That one

  11. Nĭ bú yào kāfēi
    (knee boo yow KA fay)

    You don't want coffee

  12. Nĭ hĕn hăo
    (knee hen how)

    You are great

  13. Nĭ ne?
    (knee na)

    And you?

  14. Nĭ yào
    (knee yow)

    You want

  15. Nĭ yào kāfēi
    (knee yow KA fay)

    You want coffee

  16. Nĭ yào kāfēi ma?
    (knee yow KA fay ma?)

    Do you want coffee?

  17. Nĭ yào shénme?
    (knee yow shumma?)

    What do you want?

  18. Nĭ yào shuĭ ma?
    (knee yow shway-a ma?)

    Do you want water?

  19. Shénme


  20. Shuĭ


  21. (woa)


  22. Wŏ bú yào shuĭ, xiè xie!
    (woa boo yow shway-a, sheya sheya!)
    I don't want water, thank you!
  23. Wŏ hĕn hăo
    (woa hen how)

    I'm fine

  24. Wŏ hĕn hăo, nĭ ne?
    (woa hen how, knee na?)

    I'm fine, and you?

  25. Wŏ yào
    (woa yow)

    I want

  26. Wŏ yào kāfēi
    (woa yow KA fay)

    I want coffee

  27. Wŏ yào nà ge
    (woa yow na ga)

    I want that one

  28. Wŏ yào shuĭ
    (woa yow shway-a)

    I want water

  29. Wŏ yào shuĭ, nĭ ne?
    (woa yow shway-a, knee na?)

    I want water, and you?

  30. Yào, xiè xie!
    (yow, sheya sheya!)

    I want, thank you!

  31. How are the letters " " together pronounced in pinyin?"

    "way" (example: shuĭ = shway)

  32. How do you answer " yes " to a question?

    Repeat verb

  33. How do you answer " no " to a question?

    add " bú " in front of verb or adjective
  34. What does adding " ma" to the end of a statement do?

    Make the statement into a question

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