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  1. t/f skills that promote a good relationship between individuals are termed facilitation skills
  2. t/f technical skills alone are sufficient for providing optimal patient care
    FALSE-so fake the rest!
  3. t/f excessive use of technical words may confuse the patient and result in miscommunication
  4. t/f the delivery of speech is important in verbal communication; the dental radiographer should speak in a pleasant relaxed manner
  5. t/f nonverbal behavior cannot be used to enhance communication
    false-*shakes head* dur
  6. t/f if verbal messages are consistent with nonverbal messages, the patient is likely to respond with apprehension and mistrust
    FALSEO--sorry I will speak in english for you FALSE!
  7. t/f patients are more likely to understand a dental professional whose nonverbal cues signal indifference
  8. t/f eye contact plays a powerful role in the development of interpersonal relationships
    true mhm betta believe it!
  9. t/f listening involves only hearing
  10. t/f when listening to a patient the dental radiographer can use facial expressions to convey appropriate emotional responses
  11. t/f interpersonal skills are skills that are used to make communication easier and develop a trusting relationship between the patient and the dental professional.
  12. t/f when the patient trusts the dental professional the patient is more likely to comply with the prescribed treatment and return for further treatment
    ta da! TRUE!
  13. t/f the appearance of the dental auxiliary is important
  14. t/f in many offices the dental auxiliary is the first person to meet and greet the patient
    true-thats why its important the dentist has a hot staff..good first impression!
  15. t/f a patient should always be greeted by his or her first name
  16. t/f it is appropriate for the dental auxiliary to chew gum while working on patients
  17. t/f the dental auxiliary must develop a fast-paced confident chairside manner
  18. t/f in most dental offices the dental auxiliary is responsible for performing radiographic procedures
  19. t/f the attitude of the dental radiographer affects patient relations
  20. t/f the dental radiographer does not need to be courteous if a patient is uncooperative or difficult
    TRUE....but for purposes of this class you should probably say FALSE....just so you get it right but we all know we want to just smack these patients!
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