Performing tracheostomy Care Check off

  1. Step 1
    • open the tracheostomy care kit maintaing sterility of its content. (open saline)
    • Assess need for pain medication prior to procedure
  2. Step 2
    open your disposable tracheostomy tube maintaining sterility of content
  3. Step 3
    put on clean gloves + mask
  4. Step 4
    Remove the client oxygen source
  5. Step 5
    • Remove soiled dressing and place in your non-dominant hand.
    • Then gently squeeze sides of disposable trach tube and dispose of both the dressing and the soilded trach tube in your glove. Dispose of in a appropriate receptacle (RED BAG)
  6. Step 6
    Put on your sterile gloves after performing hand hygiene
  7. step 7
    Fill in large basin with 1/2 peroxide and 1/2 saline
  8. Step 8
    Fill one of the smaller basins with saline
  9. Step 9
    Using a sterile 4x4, dip the end into the basin containing the 1/2 peroxide, 1/2 saline to moisten. It should not be dripping wet. Cleanse the faceplate (one for each side of the faceplate) and dispose of that gauze. Optain another gauze (or you may use another part of your gauze) and remove any exudate noted around the faceplate. You may need to use the provided cotton-tipped applicators to remove stubborn secretions and may be used only once. Insert sterile disposable trach tube and secure in place (some twist, some clip, and others may snap into place)
  10. Step 10
    • Rinse, using another gauze moistened with NS and gently dry around trach and face plate with a sterile 4x4
    • Reapply oxygen source as needed
  11. Step 11
    Change Velcro trach tie if soiled and replace w/sterile tie. Undo only one side at a time to prevent dislodging. Insert the new tie on the side where you removed the soiled tie. Carefully remove the soiled tie from behind the client's neck and pull new tie behind the client's nech at the same time
  12. Step 12
    Remove mask/shield and gloves. Discard in appropriate container. Perform hand hygiene and assess your client's respiratory status
  13. Step 13
    Document in client chart
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