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  1. what are some strategy for DOT treatment?
    • political commitment with increasing in finance
    • case detection through quality microscopy
    • standard treatment
    • affective drug supply
    • monitoring system
  2. what are some characteristics of Mtb?
    • survives and replicates within macrophages
    • persist in lungs for decades
    • has developed to manipulate infected cell in many ways
  3. what are some signs associated with pulmonary TB?
    • slowe onset
    • weight loss
    • lung tissue dirstuction
  4. what are some signs associated with Diseminated TB?
    • rare pediatric disease
    • can result in meningitis
  5. what are some characteristics associated with M.leprae?
    • member of Mtb
    • can't be cultured in vitro
    • armadilo is only host beside human
    • cause of chronic cellular disease
  6. what is the route associated with Hansen diseas/leprosey?
    initial bacteria replication in macrophage and later spread to peripheral nerves and subsequent sensory impairment.
  7. what are some epidemiological factors associated with M.leprea?
    • endemic in india,brazil,nepal and myanmar
    • 700000 new cases in 2002
    • spread by person to person
    • strong genetic component
  8. what are some diagnostic ways for M.leprae?
    • Acid fast seen in lesions
    • leproumin test which only detects tuberculoid leprosey
    • PCR on tissue sample
  9. what are some treatments suggested for M.lepreae?
    • Rifampin/dapsone ( antimetabolite, folic acid biosyntethis ) > 6-24 M
    • BCG vaccine
  10. what are some Non Tb mycobacteria?
    • >M.avium complex/M.interacellular/M.paratuberculosis
    • >M. kansasii
  11. what are some epidemiological factor assosiated with NTM?
    • environmental source
    • infection caused by inhalation/injection
    • major pathogen in immunocomprimized
  12. what are some clinical manifestation for M.avium ?interacellular and kansaii?
    • pulmonary infection in patients with pre.existing lung condition
    • dissemination infections in immunodeficient patients ( increase bacterial burden in tissue and blood)
  13. what are some clinical manifestation for M.paratuberculosis ?
    • cause of inflamatory bowl disease in sheep and cattle ( john's disease)
    • it is suspected to casue similar disease in human ( crohn's disease)
    • extremely fastodious and slow growth
  14. what are some diagnostic tools for NTM?
    • Same as Mtb
    • However differential diagnosis is a challange because NTM are very similar
    • use of specific nucleotide probe
  15. what are some treatments available for M.avium complex?
    • It is drug resistant
    • clarithromycin/ethambutol and rifabutin for 9 month
    • success of treatment and tolerance of patient to treatment must be mentioned
  16. what are some treatments available for M.kansasii?
    INH/ Rifampin and ethambutol for 9 month
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