OB: Chap 14

  1. What is the pre-pregnancy size and shape?
    • Pear Shaped
    • 2oz. (60g)
  2. What is the size and shape of a pregnant uterus?
    • globular shape
    • 2.5lb. (1100g)
  3. What is responsible for the primary enlargement of the uterus?
    hypertorphy of the myometrial cells
  4. What adds strength & elasticity of the muscle wall in the uterus?
    an increased amount of fibrous tissue between muscle bands
  5. What is the maternal blood volume in the uterus at the end of pregnancy?
    1/6 of the total maternal blood volume is in vascular system of uterus due to the increase in blood and lymph vessels
  6. How is the mucous plug formed?
    endocervical glands secrete thick tenacious mucous which accumulates and thickens forming the mucous plug
  7. What is the function of the mucous plug?
    • seals off the endocervical canal
    • prevents the ascent of bacteria & other substances into the uterus
  8. Goodell's Sign
    Softening of the cervix
  9. Chadwick's Sign
    Blue-Purpleish Color of the cervix/ vagina
  10. What causes the Goodell's & Chadwick's Signs?
    Their caused by hypertrophy and engorgement of vessels
  11. What secretes progesterone until the placenta takes over?
    Corpus Luteum
  12. What maintains the corpus luteum until the placenta is formed?
    Mainted by hCG until about 6-8 weeks of pregnancy
  13. What is the potential cause of morning sickness?
  14. What does estrogen do to the vagina?
    Causes hypertrophy, increased vascularization and hyperplasia
  15. what does the hypertrophy, increased vascularization & hyperplasia of the vagina cause?
    thickening of mucosa, loosening of connective tissue & increased vaginal secretions, loosening of supportive connective tissue
  16. What happens to the acidity of the vagina during pregnancy?
    it increases to prevent baceria entering the cervix, but the acidity increases the risk of yeast infections
  17. what changes happen in the breasts to prepare for lactation?
    • increase in size
    • increase in nodularity
  18. What changes occur in the breasts during preganancy?
    • increase in size
    • increase in nodularity
    • increase in pigmenatation
    • superficial veins
    • nipples more erect
  19. What happens to the tidal volume during preganancy?
    it increases steadily throughout pregnancy with an increase of 30-40%
  20. How much does oxygen consumption increase?
    between 16-40 weeks it increases approximately 15-20%
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