Administering IV medication by Piggyback

  1. Step 1
    Maintain strict aseptic technique when open sterile package and the IV solution
  2. Step 2
    Close the roller clamp on the short secondary IV tubing
  3. Step 3
    uncape the spike on administration set and insert into the entry site on IV bag
  4. Step 4
    hang piggyback container on IV pole. LOWER primary IV bag with plastic hook!
  5. Step 5
    squeeze the drip chamber and allow it to fill at least halfway
  6. Step 6
    Remove the cap at the end of the IV tubing and while maintaing its sterility, open the IV tubing clamp, and alow fluid to move through the tubing. Allow fluid to flow until air bubbles have disappeared and the entire length of the tubing is primed (filled) with IV solution
  7. Step 7
    Close the clamp. Using antimicrobial wipe, clean the access port above the roller clamp on the primary IV infusion tubing. Connect the piggyback set to the access port. Open clamp on the secondary tubing
  8. Step 8
    Set rate for secondary infusion on pump by pushing "stop," then select "option 21" and follow directions on the machine.
  9. Step 9
    Clamp tubing on piggy back set when solution is infused. Disconnect the piggyback and secondary tubing from primary bag
  10. Step 10
    replace primary IV fluid container to original height
  11. Step 11
    Read just flow rate of primary IV or check primary infusion rate on infusion pump by seleting "option 12" and following the direction on the machine
  12. Step 12
    Label the solution and tubing with date, time, and name or initials
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Administering IV medication by Piggyback
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