Test 2

  1. Two core ingredients in Erikson's theory of identity development are________ and role experimentation
    personality experimentation
  2. The term for the status in which adolescent's have made a commitment but have not experienced an identity crisis is________
    identity foreclosure
  3. Exploration without commitment is which identity status?
    identity moratorium
  4. Contemporary views on identity development suggest____
    it evolves over the course of the life cycle
  5. Social role theory contends that psychological gender differences are due mainly to
    contrasting roles of males and females
  6. mary and matthew are classmates in grade six. which of the following is probably true, based on research on gender bias in schools?
    matthew will describe more career choices than mary
  7. which of the following statements regarding visuospatial skills is not true?
    these skills are important in algebra
  8. one of the most consistent gender differences is that
    boys are more physically aggressive than girls
  9. the presence of a high degree of masculine and feminine characteristics in the same person is known as
  10. for many adolescents, oral sex is
    a casual activity
  11. a stereotyped pattern of role prescriptions for how individuals should behave sexually is known as
    sexual script
  12. which of the following adolescents is MOST at risk for engaging in sexual activity
    charlotte, age 14, whose older sister became pregnant at age 16
  13. Ivy realizes that she is strongly sexually attracted to other females. according to research on disclosure, Ivy is most likely to first tell her
  14. Phil is a gay man, but he dates women and has told nobody about hi sexual orientation. Phil is engaged in a form of self-devaluation called
  15. which of the following statements regarding adolescent pregnancy is not true?
    adolescent mothers are most likely to come from middle class socioeconomic backgrounds
  16. anna is a 24 yr old women who is pregnant with her first baby. Her neighbor, Trish, is 16 and pregnant with her first child. Which of the following is most likely to be true of these women?
    anna is more likely than trish to be recieving prenatal care
  17. which of the following statements about sexually transmitted infections is not true?
    they cannot be contracted through oral sex
  18. carla, 19yr old college sophmore is a victim of rape, which of the following statements about her rape is most likely true?
    her know the person who raped her
  19. which of the following statements regarding abstinence-only sex education programs is true?
    they do not delay the onset of sexual intercourse
  20. individuals who are about the same age or maturity level are called
  21. being rejected or overlooked by peers can lead some adolescents to
    feel lonely or hostile
  22. deviant peer relations have been linked to all of the following except
    eating disorders
  23. conformity to peers peaks in grades
    eight to nine
  24. which of the following statements about popular children is true according to our book and lesson
    popular children have social skills that contribute to their being well-liked
  25. children who have peer-related difficulties have been found (most likely) to
    lack social cognitive skills
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