Science List #3

  1. viscosity
    the resistance of a liquid to flow; a thick a stick consistancy
  2. pyroclastic flow
    a dense cloud of superheated gases and rock fragments that moves quickly downhill from an erupting volcano
  3. ash
    volcanic dust; fine grained lava that erupts or flows from a volcano before settling on the ground
  4. lahars
    landslide of volcanic material; a landslide or mudflow of volcanic debris, usually after a heavy rainfall
  5. dormant
    describes a volcano that is no longer active but may become active in the future
  6. extinct
    describes a volcano that is no longer active and is unlikely to erupt again
  7. caldera
    Large crater at the top of the volcano; caused by a major eruption fallowed by the collapse of the volcano's cone. It may later become a lake.
  8. volcano
    a hill or mountain formed by material that erupts onto the Earth's surface; caused by action of magma below the surface
  9. tephra
    bits of rock or solidified lava dropped from the air during an explosive volcanic eruption
  10. geyser
    a type of hot spring that shoots water into the air
  11. cinder cone volcano
    composed of tephra; explosive eruption; small in size with a steep slope
  12. shield volcano
    formed from basaltic lava; quiet eruption; broad and wide with a gentle slope
  13. composite cone volcano
    formed from pyroclastic material layered with lava flows and volcanic debris; explosive eruption; huge with a steep slope
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