health test part 2

  1. what part of the sternum do the clavicles attach
    the manubrium by ligaments
  2. what is the olecranon process, and what bone is it attached to
    forms the elbow and is part of the ulna
  3. what is the acetabula
    sockets that provide for the attachment of the leg bones
  4. what is the patella
    knee cap
  5. what is the calcaneous
    large tarsal that forms the heel
  6. what are joints
    point where two bones meet
  7. osteoporosis
    • most common arthritis
    • cronic disease that occurs from aging
    • sym: pain, stiff, limited range of motion
    • no cure
    • rest, heat & cold, anti inflamitory med
  8. arthritis
    group of diseases involving inflamation of the joints
  9. osteomyelitis
    • bone inflamation caused by pathogenic organisims
    • cause the formation of an abscessin side the bone
    • sym: pain, swelling, chills, and fever
    • treatment: antibiotics
  10. what is scoliosis
    side to side curving of the spine
  11. what is a greenstick fracture
    bone is bent or splits, causing a crack or complete break
  12. what is a compound fracture
    bone completly breaks
  13. open fracture
    the bone breaks and ruptures through the skin
  14. comminuted fracture
    bone fragments or splinters into two or more pieces
  15. colles fracture
    breaking or dislocating of the distal radius
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