health test part 1

  1. list the functions of bones
    • framework
    • storage
    • production of blood cells
    • levers
    • protection
  2. what is the diaphysis
    the long shaft
  3. what is the epiphysis
    one of the two extremities, or ends
  4. what is the periosteum
    tough membrane that covers the out side of the bone
  5. what is the endosteum
    a mambrane that lines the medullart canal and keeps the yellow barrow intact
  6. what is red marrow
    • produces:
    • red blood cells (erythrocytes)
    • white blood cells (leukocytes)
    • platelets (thrombocytes)
  7. what is yellow marrow
    fatty cells
  8. what is the axial skeleton
    forms the main trunk of the body
  9. what is the appendicular skeleton
    forms the extremities
  10. how many cranial bones are there?
  11. how many facial bones are there?
  12. what is a frontanel
    spaces that allow for the enlargement of the skull as brain growth occurs, also known as soft spots
  13. what are foramen?
    oppenings in bones that allow for the nerves and blood vessels to enter or leave the bone
  14. what are sutures
    areas in the cranial bones that have joined together
  15. what are sinuses
    air spaces in the bones of the skull that act as resonating chambers for the voice
  16. how many cervical vertebrae are there
  17. how many thoracic vertebrae are there
  18. how many lumbar vertebrae are there
  19. what are the first 7 pair of ribs called
    true ribs
  20. where do the floating ribs attach to on both sides of the body
    they attach to the thoracic vertebrae on the dorsal surface of the body and to the cartilage of the ribs above
  21. why are the last two pair of ribs called floating ribs
    they have no attachment to the front of the body
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