Embryo: Dev of Teeth/Ear/Face & Teratology

  1. Dental Lamina is derived from
    Stomodeal Ectoderm
  2. Dental Papilla are derived from
    Neural Crest Cells
  3. dental papilla =>
    pulp of the tooth
  4. mesenchymal cells in contact w/ the root =>
  5. Mesenchymal cells outside the cement layer=>
    periodontal ligament
  6. Auricle is develops from
    swellings in pharyngeal arches 1 & 2
  7. Bony Labrinth is derived from
  8. otic placode is derived from
  9. The external acoustic Meatis is formed by the ___
    1st pharyngeal cleft
  10. Auditory Tube develops from the
    1st pharyngeal pouch
  11. the tympanic membrane is formed/derived from the
    • ectoderm of the 1st cleft
    • endoderm of the 1st pouch
  12. Malleus developes from the
    First pharyngeal arch
  13. Incus developes from the
    1st pharyngeal arch
  14. Stapes develops from the
    2nd arch
  15. Otic Placode => ___ => ___
    otic vesicle => membranous labrynth
  16. Bony labrynth develops from
  17. Frontal Process of the face develops from the
    mesenchymal cells around the forebrain
  18. Maxillary and Mandibular porocesses develop from the
    Mandibular (1st) Arch
  19. Nasal Placodes develops from
  20. Nasal Placodes => ___ => ___
    Nasal Pit => Medial/Lateral Nasal Processes
  21. Cleft Palate is the result of
    Failure of the Medial Nasal Process and Maxillary Process to fuse
  22. Micro/Macrostomia is the result of
    abnormalities of the fusion of the maxillary and mandibular processes
  23. teratology-
    study of malformations
  24. Causes of teratologies:
    Genetic and Environmental
  25. What causes Genetic Teratologies
    Mutation or inheritance os dominant or recessive genes
  26. Inbreeding leads to...
    genetic defects
  27. Types of environmental teratologies
    • Physical (Rads)
    • Chemicals (Vit A Defic, micropthalmia in pigs)
    • Drugs (Thaidomide in pups)
    • Infectious Agents (Panleukopenia in kittens)
  28. Idiopathic diseases __% of teratologies
  29. Multifactorial Inheritance are __% of teratologies
  30. Greatest - Least Suseptible Periods during pregnancy
    • 1. Embryonic
    • 2. Fetal
    • 3. Pre-Differentiation
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Embryo: Dev of Teeth/Ear/Face & Teratology
Embryo: Dev of Teeth/Ear/Face & Teratology