Vocab 10

  1. resolutely
    (adv) to be determined or unwavering
  2. pompously
    (adv) to do something in a showy or arrogant way
  3. affront
    (n) an insult or an offense
  4. lucid
    (adj) clearheaded or rational
  5. advocated
    (v) to speak or to write in support of something or someone
  6. clamor
    (n) loud outcry, complaint or demand
  7. disdaining
    (v) to refuse or to reject
  8. effaced
    (v) to erase or to wipout
  9. lurid
    (adj) startling or sensational
  10. doggedly
    (adv) stubbornly or refusing to give in
  11. vivacious
    (adj) full of life, lively
  12. valr
    (n) courage or bravery
  13. tumult
    (n) disorderly comotion,disturbance or a riot
  14. dexterously
    (adv) skillfully or with physical agillity
  15. retorted
    (v) to reply in a quick, wity way
  16. exasperated
    (adj) greatly annoyed, frustrated
  17. altercation
    (n) noisy argument
  18. fathom
    (v) to comprehend or to understand
  19. flouted
    (v) to mock or to scoff at
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