Chemistry Finals

  1. Know the steps of the steps of the Scientific Method
    • 1.State the problem and collect data.
    • 2. Formulate the hypothesis
    • 3. Perform the Expirement
  2. What is a Hypothesis?
    A possible explanation for the observation
  3. Name and decribe 2 types of observations.
    • Qualitive observations(the sky is blue)
    • Quantitive observations(the water boils at 100C; also known as a measurement)
  4. what is a theory?
    a theory is a model..and is also an explanation of behavior
  5. what is a law?
    a summary of observed behavior.
  6. non-zero integers:
    always count as sig figs.
  7. how many sig figs does the number 98758 have
    5 sig figs
  8. trailing zeroes:
    are significant only if the # is written with a decimal point.
  9. how many sig figs does the number 1.000 have?
    4 sig figs
  10. captive zeroes:
    always count as sig figs.
  11. how many sig figs does the number 1.0009 have?
    5 sig figs
  12. how do you convert Celsius to Kelvin temps?
    273 + C = K
  13. Convert 400C into kelvins:
    273 + 400C = 673K
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