changing IV solution container and tubing

  1. step 1
    • Gather equipment
    • alchol, sticker and label it, fluid, and tubing primary, gloves
  2. Step 2
    • Maintain strict aspetic technique when opening steile packages and the IV solution
    • (close clamp on IV tubing)
  3. Step 3
    Pull off seal on IV solution bag entry point to expose portal (clear)
  4. Step 4
    Close the roller clamp on the IV tubing if not allready done so.
  5. Step 5
    • Uncap the spike on the administration set and insert into the entry site on the IV bag.
    • Hang the IV solution on the pole
  6. Step 6
    Squeeze the drip chamber on the tubing and allow it to fill at least halfway (Dont want air bubbles)
  7. Step 7
    • Remove the cap at the end of the IV tubing and while maintaing its sterility, open the IV tubing clamp, and alow fluid to move through the tubing.
    • Allow fluid to flow until all air bubbles have disappeared and the entire length of the tubing is primed (FILLED) with IV solution
  8. Step 8
    close the clamp and recap the end of the tubing, maintaing steriltiy of the setup
  9. Step 9
    push TOTAL VOLUME KEY. Record total volume in ml's on the I&O record
  10. Step 10
    close the manual clamp on the existing IV tubing and the short extension tubing connected to the IV catheter in the pt's arm
  11. Step 11
    shut roller clamp (pump stops)
  12. Step 12
    open lever fully. (push OPEN key if leve is locked)
  13. Step 13
    release tubing above and below roller clamp
  14. Step 14
    Hold set just below lever and pull foward and out
  15. Step 15
    • Remove the current IV tubing from the resealable cap on the short extension tubing (on pt's arm).
    • Using an antimicrobial wipe, swab the resealable cap and insert the new IV tubing into the cap
  16. Step 16
    Load roller clamp into clamp holder
  17. Step 17
    Load set fully into AIR/up OCCULSION sensor (2beeps). Pull set taut (no slack). Load set fuly into AIR/down OCCULSION sensor (2 beeps). Pull set taut (no slack)
  18. Step 18
    Shut lever
  19. Step 19
    • Open the manual clamp on the short extension tubing connected to the catheter in the pt's arm
  20. Step 20
  21. Step 21
    Follow the manufacturer's instructions for setting the infusion rate and volume
  22. Step 22
    Keep looking at the pump. confirm correct values
  23. Step 23
    • label the solution and tubing with the date, time & initials
    • bag is good for 24hrs
    • tubing is good for 72hrs
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