Genki CR:1 Chapter 6 Vocab

  1. あそぶ
    To play; to spend time pleasently
  2. いそぐ
    To hurry
  3. おふろにはいる
    To take a bath
  4. かえす
    To return (things) (person に Thing を)
  5. はす
    To turn off; to erase
  6. しぬ
    To die
  7. すわる
    To sit down
  8. たつ
    To stand up
  9. たぱこをすう
    To smoke
  10. つかう
    To use
  11. てつだう
    To help
  12. はいる
    To enter
  13. もつ
    To carry; to hold
  14. やすむ
    • To be absent (from...)
    • To rest
  15. あける
    To open (something)
  16. おしえる
    To teach; To instruct
  17. おりる
    To get off
  18. かりる
    To borrow
  19. しめる
    To close (something)
  20. つける
    To turn on
  21. でんわをかける
    To make a phone call
  22. わすれる
    To forget; to leave behind
  23. つれてくる
    To bring (a person)
  24. もっでくる
    To bring (a thing)
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Genki CR:1 Chapter 6 Vocab
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