1. what allows you to define one ore more commands to be executed at a future time
  2. relies on a background process
  3. Allows you to define one or more commands to
    be executed repeatedly at intervals that you designate
  4. relies on a background process
  5. what two methods check once per minute to see if there are any scheduled jobs
    at and crontab
  6. at –f <filename> <time specification>
    now + 5min
    run 5 min after the command is entered
  7. 4pm+ 5 days
    run at 4pm and 5 days from now
  8. noon nov21
    run at noon on nov 21
  9. what must be turned on at the scheduled job to run
    the computer
  10. what is the 2 commands to list all queued job
    atq and at -l
  11. how to cancel a submitted job
    atrm at -d
  12. what is the command to execute commands automatically
  13. with red hat linux what cant you specify
    a specific time
  14. what does this show /etc/crontab
    the file that specifies what files are to run when
  15. crontab variables
    defines which shell is to be used when executing the commands and scripts
  16. path
    defines the directories where commands are located
  17. home
    defines the working directory
  18. mailto
    defines the user on the linux system that will receive an email message contains the output from all cron job defined in the file
  19. cron jobs
    min of the hour
    0 to 59
  20. hour of the day
    0 to 23
  21. day of the month
    0 to 31
  22. 10 * * * * du /home > tmp/disk_usage
    Executes the du /home command at 10 minutes after the hour, every hour of every day.
  23. 15 2 1 * * who > tmp/current_users
    Executes the who command on the first day of each month at 2:15 a.m.
  24. 0 1 1,10,20 * * du / home >> tmp/disk_usage
    Executes the command on the 1st, 10th and 20th of every month at 1:00 a.m.
  25. Submit the file to the crond daemon using the
  26. lists the jobs for your user account
    crontab -l
  27. removes your crontab file
    crontab -r
  28. opens the crontab file in a text editor for making changes
    crontab -e
  29. what prevents file-locking conflicts
    crontab -e
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