script 2

  1. To access devices over the network you use what
  2. what do you use to group the commands
  3. A pause for a second or two between devices what command
    sleep command
  4. what to set the line number count to so you don't have to worry about spacebar
  5. line number count length default
  6. What are the 2 separate outputs for redirect
    • standard output
    • error output
  7. the standard messages are sent to a file named config_snapshot and error output is sent to a file named
    sh Dkdocument 1>config_snapshot 2>errors
  8. best practices for disaster recovery
    • store the ip address and passwords for our devices inn a file
    • logging into each device and document the network
  9. creating a data file
    –Field 1: device name (nickname)‏

    –Field 2: IP address

    –Field 3: telnet username

    –Field 3: telnet password

    –Field 4: privilege mode password
  10. repeating a set of instructions
  11. Do and done mark what
    the beginning and ending of the commands to be repeated
  12. •What happens if you have more data on a line in the file than you have variable
    The last variable name will contain all of the remaining data (just like entering data from the keyboard)
  13. •Do you have to use every variable name in the read statement somewhere later in the program?
    • No. You can simply read data into a variable
    • in to get information beyond it, and then never use the one you didn’t need.
  14. •Test criteria before the instructions to be repeated.
    Sometimes called a While…do loop
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