Biology ch1

  1. Evolution
    the process of change that has transformed life on earth from its earliest beginnings to the diversity of organisms living today
  2. biology
    the scientific study of life
  3. eukaryotic cells
    subdivided by internal membranes into various membrane- enclosed organelles; largest organelle is the nucleus and have other organelles in the cytoplasm
  4. prokaryotic cells
    the DNA is not separated from the rest of the cell by enclosure in a membrane-bounded nucleus (its also smaller)
  5. genome
    the entire library of genetic instructions that an organism inherits; There are about 75,000 kinds of proteins
  6. negative feedback
    • most common form; accumulation of an end product
    • of a process slows that process
    • Ex: ATP production of excess.
  7. positive feedback
  8. less common; the end product speeds up its
    production ; Ex: blood clotting
  9. taxonomy
    the branch of biology that names and classifies species, formalizes this ordering of species into groups of inc. breadth
  10. Three Domains of Life
  11. Bacteria, Archaea, eukarya
  12. Five Kingdomes
    Plants, animals, fungi, single-celled eukaryotes, prokaryotes (bacteria and archaea)
  13. Charles Darwin
    theory of natural selection
  14. deductive reasoning
    • reasoning from a asset of
    • specific observations to reach a general conclusion
  15. inductive reasoning
    a type of logic
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