MIL 20th Cent

  1. Chance music
    A type of music where pitches, rhythms, and timbres are chosen completely at random.
  2. Atonal
    Music composed with no specific tonal center
  3. Expressionism
    A musical style stressing intense, subjective emotion and harsh dissonance
  4. Impressionism
    A musical style the stresses tone color, atmosphere, and fluidity.
  5. Polyrhythm
    The use of two or more contrasting and independent rhythms at the same time
  6. Polytonality
    The simultaneous sounding of two keys at once.
  7. Primitivism
    Music using the directness, instinctiveness, and exoticism of primitive cultures, usually associated with the music of Stravinsky.
  8. Second Viennese School
    The name given to the school of composition including Schoenberg and his students Berg and Webern.
  9. Sprechstimme
    A type of singins halfway between singing and speech.
  10. Tone cluster
    A chord in which a large number of adjacent pitches are sounded.
  11. Twelve-tone system
    Devised by Arnold Schoenberg in the early 1920’s, a system of composition where each pitch in a composition is derived from a special ordering of the twelve chromatic tones.
  12. Whole-tone Scale
    Used frequently by Debussy, a scale in which a whole step separates each tone.
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