social welfare final

  1. Provides aid to depressed areas with economic development and a variety of other revitalization issues
    Community Development Block Grants
  2. OEO’s Showcase Program
    Helps to prepare disadvantaged children for school
    Results show investment must be accompanied by continuation, improvement and expansion of other services
    Head Start
  3. What is Job Corps?
  4. Government’s most expensive training program for youth
    • Services provided mostly in residential setting
    • Includes intensive basic education, vocational training, etc. Uniform across the nation
  5. Name three of the four part of the no child left behind act.
  6. -Helping disadvantaged students in reading and math, testing all students in 3-8th grade.
    • -Parents in poor performing schools can select from supplemental services their child may need
    • -Use of scientifically based teaching techniques
    • -Expands parental options to move students that fail to meet goals
    • Gives states and school districts that meet goals greater flexibility in how they use federal funding
  7. What is the minimum wage here?
  8. Who has th most power over minimum wage?
    The federal gov. If the federal gov has a higher requirement than the state it overides the state.
  9. Provides various options for Americans 18 and over to earn money for college or vocational training in exchange for service within the US
  10. 5 Types of Social Services-
    • Public Agencies
    • Private not-for-Profit Private Profit-Making
    • Self-help groups
    • Religious Organization
  11. established by law and operated by federal, states or local government (Ex: Dep. of Health and Human Services)
    Public Agencies
  12. also called voluntary agencies, are governed by board of directors or trustees
    Private not-for profit
  13. also called proprietary agencies. Provide child care, nursing, MH but generally charge their clients at the current market rate.
    Private Profit-Making
  14. Provide social services but do not rely on government funding. Less formal structure
    Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is is best known group (only requirement is desire to stop drinking)
    Self-help groups
  15. What does it mean to baker act someone?
  16. allows for involuntary examination (what some call emergency or involuntary commitment). It can be initiated by judges, law enforcement officials, physicians or mental health professionals.
  17. What evidence does someone need to baker act someone?
    Have a mental illness, is a harm to self, harm to tohers, or self neglectful.
  18. Provide alternative to incarceration through extensive supervision and drug treatment
    Drug Court
  19. Key components:
    Identify treatment needs & Immediately make referrals after arrest Drug testing & monitoring
    Maintaining court interaction with participants
    Evaluating participants outcomes
    Drug Court
  20. Name 3 of the Options to Remedy Gender Inequalities
  21. 1) Earnings sharing option-divide a couple’s earnings equally between the husband and wife each year they are married
    • 2) Give women at least minimal Social Security earnings credits for each year they stay at home to raise children
    • 3) Double-Decker Plan-everyone would be eligible for a basic benefit, whether or not they had worked for pay. Individuals with paid work experience would receive a payment in addition to the basic benefit
    • 4) The Privatization of Social Security-have higher annual return of 3-4% compared to 2%
  22. Differences for the Wage Gap- 2002
    Women’s earnings were 78% of mens
  23. Men and women who do the same work are supposed to be paid equally
    Equal Pay Act of 1963
  24. workers should be paid when they do different types of work that require the same level of responsibility, effort, knowledge and skill
    Comparable Worth
  25. The two types of sexual Harassment
  26. quid pro quo-sexual favors are demanded or required as a basis for employment decisions
    hostile environment type-sexual conduct unreasonably interferes with work performance
  27. 5th and 14th Amendments guaranteeing personal liberties were said to extend to childbearing decisions -poor pregnant women were able to obtain federally funded abortions under Medicaid program
    Roe vs. Wade & Doe vs. Bolton-
  28. - prohibited federal government from paying for abortions except where mothers life was in danger
    Hyde Amendment
  29. 1) Creating, organizing & staffing agencies to carry out a new policies or assigning new responsibilities to existing organizations
    2) Issuing directives, rules, guidelines, etc. to translate policies into specific courses of actions
    3) Directing & Coordinating personal & expenditures towards policy objectives
    4) Monitoring the activities used to carry out the policy
    4 Parts of Implementing a Policy
  30. Obstacles to Policy Implementation
    • Communications
    • Resources
    • Attitudes
    • Bureaucratic Structure
  31. is the objectives, systematic examination of the effects on-going policies & programs have on their target in terms of the goals they are meant to achieve
    Policy Evaluation
  32. 1983-help 5th and 6th grade students recognize and resist peer pressure with alcohol and drugs
    DARE Program
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