Science 11/30/2010

  1. coniferous tree
    does not lose its needle-like leaves in the fall
  2. deciduous
    loses its leaves in the fall and grows new ones in the spring
  3. Coniferous Forest
    grow mainly in northern North America, Europe, and Asia

    grow in places that have cold, snowy winters

    grow where summers are warm and dry

    conifers such as spruce, fir, and pine

    tree leaves look like needles

    Few plants grow under coniferous trees
  4. Deciduous Forests
    • grow are generally warmer than those of coniferous
    • forests

    get rain in summer and snow in winter

    can have oak, maple, and beech trees

    drop their leaves in the fall
  5. Tropical Forests
    • can have a climate that is warm and rainy all year
    • long

    many tall trees let little sunlight reach the forest floor

    • Some of the trees can be 35 meters tall—taller than a
    • ten-story office building

    Plants such as orchids grow on the trees

    Most animals of the tropical forest live in the trees

    Some spend their whole lives there
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Science 11/30/2010
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