CPST Final

  1. What is PowerPoint?
    a graphical presentation program
  2. What forms can the program create a presentation?
    • On-screen slides
    • web-based slides
    • overhead transparencies
  3. What does powerpoint allow a user to add?
    • animation
    • 3-D graphs
    • videos
    • sound
    • graphics
    • pictures
  4. In using powerpoint, what can a user produce?
    • speaker notes
    • outlines
    • handouts
    • individual slide handouts
    • projected presentation
  5. starts the presentation
    title slide
  6. displays the current slide as the slide will look during the slide show
    slide pane
  7. used to enter text that refers to the contents of a slide
    notes pane
  8. the text in notes pane can be printed and is referred to ______
    speaker notes
  9. displays the text on a slide in an outline form
    outline tab
  10. displays small images or thumbnails of slides as the slides are created
    slide tab
  11. What is a powerpoint presentation default name of an unsaved presentation?
    Presentation1, with a file extension .pptx
  12. 2 boxes with instructional text in a new Title slide called_____
  13. what is the default slide layout?
    title and content layout
  14. serve to hold the place for text, charts, tables, and more
  15. a content placeholder can be used to insert what?
    • a table
    • a graph chart
    • a piece of clip art
    • a picture from a file
    • a SmartArt graphic
    • a video clip
  16. What is the default view in powerpoint?
    Normal view
  17. view used to enter, edit, and design the presentation
    normal view
  18. view displays thumbnail images of the presentation slides
    slide sorter view
  19. runs the presentation using the full screen
    slide show view
  20. powerpoint automatically performs ________________and formats the text to fit inside the placeholder.
    word wrap
  21. Playing a slide show
    • press F5
    • or
    • click the view tab on the ribbon, then click the slide show button from the presentation views group
  22. pictures, word art, text boxes, movies and sounds, charts, tables, hyperlinks, header/footer, symbols, objects, shapes, smartart, clipart, date/time, slide number can all be inserted in a slide
  23. PowerPoint Printing options
    • slides
    • handouts
    • note pages
    • outline view
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