1. what is excel?
    a computerized spreadsheet program
  2. What are filed called in excel?
  3. contains different sheets that are visible on the screen.
    • Workbooks
    • these sheets are called worksheets
  4. Worksheets are where data can be ____,____, or_____.
    entered, manipulated or analyzed
  5. by default, a new workbook contains how many worksheets?
  6. What is the maximum number of worksheets a workbook can include?
    depends on the amount of available memory on the computer
  7. by default, what is a new workbook named?
    Book1, with a file extrension .xlsx
  8. What was the first electronic spreadsheet and when was it introduced?
    • VisiCalc
    • 1979
  9. organized into a grid of rows and columns
  10. what is a worksheet also called?
  11. the intersection of a row and a column
  12. how is a cell named?
    according to the column and row in which it is located
  13. on a spreadsheet, ________ are labeled with letters
  14. on a spreadsheet, ________ are labed with numerals
  15. A cell named A1 is in what column and row?
    • column A
    • row 1
  16. How many columns and rows do each spreadsheet in Excel 2007 contain?
    • 16,384 columns
    • 1,048,576 rows
    • totals more than 17 billion cells
  17. What are the 3 types of data that can be entered in the cells of a spreadsheet?
    • Value
    • Text
    • Formula
  18. numerical entries
  19. labels, characters, words, headings....
  20. mathematical entries
  21. used in many different occupations today because of their ease of use
  22. what are spreadsheets used for?
    • budget preparation
    • loans
    • mortgages
    • checking/saving accounts
    • sales forecasting
    • grade calculations
    • bookkeeping
    • accounting
    • mathematics
    • statistics
    • real estate
    • what-if analysis
  23. Data is entered into what?
    an active cell
  24. an active cell is outlined with _____________
    a bold rectangle
  25. contains the name of the active cell
    name box
  26. where is the context of a cell displayed?
    in the formula bar
  27. when data overlaps into another column, what is needed?
    a column width adjustment
  28. How can a user adjust the column width automatically?
    by double-clicking the right column heading border
  29. How can the user adjust the column width himself?
    by clicking the right border of the column and dragging the border
  30. When a column width is not large enough to display a value, what is displayed?
    ###### signs
  31. Formula are used to calculate results, what can they include?
    • numbers
    • cell names
    • math operators
  32. What must a formula begin with?
    an equal sign
  33. A range of cells can be:
    • one cell
    • a group of cells
    • rectangular array of cells
  34. A1:D1 is a group of cell that include what?
    cells A1, B1, C1, and D1
  35. pre-written formulas which are valuable tools in a spreadsheet
  36. what follows a function name?
    the argument, the part listed in the parenthesis
  37. (A1:B1) is an example of what?
    an argument
  38. can be specific values or cell references, and are separated by commas
  39. the correct arrangement of a function
  40. =SUM(A1:B1)-calculatesA1+B1 is an example of what?
    a function
  41. What are some function names?
    • SUM
    • COUNT
    • MIN
    • MAX
    • PMT
    • IF
  42. used to easily sum values
    • Autosum icon (looks like an E)
    • this is the SUM function
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