Vocab List #14

  1. Astute
    adj. Shrewd; keen in judgement; wise
  2. Attrition
    n. Gradual wearing away; natural or expected decrease in number or size
  3. Audacity
    n. Boldness; reckless daring
  4. Augment
    v. To make bigger; to add to; to increase
  5. Auspicious
    adj. Favorable; promising
  6. Austere
    adj. Stern; Without excess
  7. Autocratic
    adj. Ruling with absolute authority; extremely bossy
  8. Autonomous
    adj. Acting independently
  9. Avarice
    adj. Greed; excessive love of riches
  10. Avow
    v. To claim; to declare boldly; to admit
  11. Awry
    adj. Off course; twisted to one side
  12. Axiom
    n. A widely accepted saying; a truth
  13. Clemency
    adj. Mercy; forgiveness; mildness
  14. Cliche
    n. An overused saying or idea
  15. Coalesce
    To come together as one; to fuse; to unite
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Vocab List #14
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