small steps 2

  1. oxygen tent
    a transparent enclosure into which oxygen is released, fitted around a bed patient to help them breathe
  2. contagoius
    spread by contact
  3. sterilized
    to free from living microorganisms, as by putting into boiling water
  4. rythmic
    a flow or movement having a regularly repeated patter of accents, beats, etc
  5. highlights
    the most important or interesting part
  6. keno sabe
    faithful friend
  7. searing
    to scorch or burn the surface
  8. acute
    a servere but of short duration, as some diseases ; not chronic
  9. shrieking
    to make a loud, sharp, shrill cry or sound
  10. belittle
    to make seem less, less important
  11. epidemic
    a rapid spread, growth, or development
  12. stunt
    something done to attract attention
  13. forbid
    to command or stay away from
  14. mobility
    moving or able to move from place to place
  15. exemplary
    serving as a model or example
  16. predicament
    a situation that is difficult
  17. jubilantly
    happily; in joyous manner
  18. astonishment
    great surprise
  19. hoarse
    sounding rough & harsh, typically as the result of a sore throat or of shouting
  20. excruciating
    intensely painful
  21. dischared
    send ( a patient) out of the hospital because they are judged fit to go home
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