1. Neri's Bowing
    P: flex knee on affected side

    I: Dural mobility compromise {disc herniation, lateral recess stenosis, tumor}
  2. Heel Walking
    P: Toes drop

    I: L4-L5 lesion, common peroneal nerve lesion, problem w/ant tib or extensors
  3. Toe Walking
    P: Heels drop

    I: S1 lesion or tibial nerve, gastroc/soleus problem
  4. Bechterew
    P: Radicular pain, inability to perform due to pain, tripod sign

    I: L4-S3 Radiculopathy {disc herniation, tumor, osteophytes, lateral canal stenosis}
  5. Sitting Root
    • "Laseague's Test"
    • P: Radicular pain in elevated leg

    I:L4-S3 Radiculopathy {disc herniation, tumor, osteophytes, lateral canal stenosis}
  6. Sciatic Tension
    P: Radicular Pain

    I: Intra/Extra dural irriation of sciatic nerve
  7. Minor Sign
    P: Pt supports self on unaffected side while standing & keeps affected leg flexed

    I: L4-S3 Radiculopathy
  8. SLR
    P: Radicular Pain

    I: 35-70 = L4-S3 nerve root; <35 = extra-dual sciatic involvement
  9. Bragard
    P: Radicular Pain

    I: Irritation of L4-S3 nerve roots {35-70} or extra-dural sciatic irritation {<35}
  10. Sicard's
    SLR to short of pain & extend big toe

    Confirm Bragards

    • P: Radicular pain
    • I: L4-S3 {35-70} or Sciatic {<35}
  11. Turyn's Sign
    • Leg flat on table & extend big toe
    • Confirm Bragard's

    • P: Radicular pain
    • I: L4-S3 {35-70} or Sciatic {<35}
  12. Well Leg Raise
    P: Increase in radicular pain in the affected leg

    I: Medial Disc Protrusion L4-S3
  13. Fajersztajn
    P: Increase in pain or production of radicular pain on affected leg

    I: Medial disc protrusion L4-S3
  14. Bowstring
    • "Cram Test/Popliteal pressure Sign"
    • P: Radicular Pain

    I: Intra/Extra dural sciatic irritation
  15. Femoral Nerve Traction
    P: Radicular pain down anterior thigh

    I: L2-L4 Radiculopathy
  16. Ely's Heel to Buttock
    P: Radicular {ant thigh} or non-radicular &/or inability to hyperextend hip

    I: Tight Rectus Femoris, Iliopsoas irritation, L2-L4 Radiculopathy
  17. Kemp
    P: Radicular or Achy Pain

    I: Radicular {spinal nerve Root} Achy pain {facet, capsulitis, mm spasm}
  18. Freiberg
    P: Sx relieved by external rotation

    I: Piriformis Syndrome
  19. Yeoman
    P: SI joint Pain

    I: SI joint inflammation, infection, sprain
  20. Iliac Compression Test
    • "Approximation Test"
    • P: Pain in SI

    I: SI joint inflammation, infection, sprain
  21. Hibb
    P: Pain in SI or hip joint

    I: Abscess/sprain of SI, hip joint capsulitis, arthritis
  22. Dejerine's Triad
    P: Localized or Radiating Pain

    I: Increased intrathecal pressure from disc defect, mass, osteophyte
  23. Spinous Percussion
    P: Localized or Radicular Pain

    I: Localized {Fx} Radicular {disc defect}
  24. Patricks
    • "FABERE"
    • P: Pain in groin or inferior gluteal fold region

    I: Hip capsulitis, arthritis, Fx
  25. Peripheral Joint Clearance
    P: Pain in hips, knees &/or ankle joints

    I: Problem w/the painful joint {hip, knee, ankle}
  26. Anvil
    P: Pain in groin or upper thigh

    I: Hip fx, arthritis, capsulitis
  27. Trendelenburg Sign
    P: Pelvis drops on the non-stance side

    I: Glut Medius weakness on stance side or unstable hip
  28. Thomas
    P: Pt involuntarily flexes opposite leg

    I: Tight hip flexors or hip flexion contracture {iliopsoas}
  29. Ober
    P: Thigh remains abducted

    I: Contracture or tightness of TFL or ITB
  30. Drawer Sign
    P: 5+ mm of tibial mov't in either direction

    I: ACL sprain, capsule, MCL sprain, ITB, PCL, Post oblique ligament
  31. Lachman
    P: Ant translation of the tibia on the femur

    I: ACL sprain or possible post oblique ligament sprain
  32. Abduction Stress
    P: Gapping on the medial tibiofemoral line

    I: Flexion {MCL sprain} Extension {MCL &/or ACP, PCL, capsule}
  33. Adduction Stress
    P: Gapping along the lateral tibiofemoal joint

    I: Flexion {LCL} Extension {LCL &/or capsule, PCL, ACL}
  34. Apley's Distraction
    P: Pain or relief of Sx

    I: Pain {nonspecific lig sprain} Relief {meniscal injury}
  35. Apley's Compression
    P: Pain on either side of the knee

    I: Torn meniscus on painful side
  36. Posterior Sag Sign
    "Gravity Drawer Test"

    P: Tibial Plateau's sag posterior to femur

    I: Chronic Posterior Cruciate ligament tear
  37. McMurray
    P: Clicking along the medial &/or lateral joint line

    I: Medial/Lateral meniscus
  38. Bounce Home
    P: Inability to reach full extension or rubber like end feel

    I: Torn meniscus or cartilage
  39. Patella Grinding
    P: Pain under or over Patella

    I: Under {chondromalacia, arthritis, chondral fx} Over {prepatellar bursitis}
  40. Clarke's
    P: Retropatellar pain

    I: Chondromalacia Patella
  41. Waldron
    P: Pain is relieved in one position

    I: Patellorfemoral tracking disorder
  42. Stroke
    "Brush/Bulge Test"

    P: Bulge in inferior medial border of patella

    I: Intra-articular effusion
  43. Closed chain STJ Assess
    Stand and rotate tibia until talus is in neutral

    ~ Note findings
  44. Open Chain STJ Assess
    Prone, move foot until Talus is in neutral

    ~ Report Findins
  45. Thompson
    P: Loss of plantar flexion

    I: Rupture of the Achilles Tendon
  46. Drawer's Foot sign
    P: Gapping when tibia is pushed or pulled

    I: Push {sprain of ant talofibular ligament} Pull {sprain of posterior talofibular ligament}
  47. Lateral Stability
    "Inversion stress test"

    P: Gapping in the joint

    I: Sprain of anterior talofibular ligament or calcaneofibular ligament
  48. Medial Stability
    "Eversion Stress Test"

    P: Gapping in the joint

    I: Sprain of deltoid ligament
  49. Squeeze
    P: Pain btw the tib/fib joint

    I: High ankle sprain {sprain of syndesmosis}
  50. Tinel of Foot
    P: Posterior tibial nerve distribution

    I: Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome
  51. Morton
    P: Sharp pain in forefoot

    I: Metatarsalgia, stress fx or neuroma
  52. Pulse Palpation
    Temporal, Mandibular, Carotids, Brachial, Antecubital, Radial, Ulnar, Abdominal Aorta, Iliacs, Femorals, Popliteals, Posterior Tibial, Dorsalis Pedis
  53. Auscultation
    Femoral Triangle, Anteromedial thigh, Popliteal fossa, post tibial, dorsalis pedis, supraclavicular fossa, brachial artery, radial & ulnar arteries, carotid & temporal
  54. Homan
    P: Deep-seated pain in calf

    I: Thrombophlebitis
  55. Louvel
    P: Pain alleviated while occlusion occurs

    I: Thrombophlebitis
  56. Ankle/Brachial Index
    P: Ratio of LE:UE BP is less than one

    I: {.7-.9} Mild claudication {.4-.7} moderate/severe claudication {.3-.4} Severe claudication & rest pain {0-.3} ischemia w/impending loss of tissue
  57. Buerger
    P: elevation {pallor & collapse of veins} dependent {foot turns reddish/cyantoic & vens distended, takes over a minute for normal color}

    I: Arterial Compromise
  58. DeWeese
    P: Pulse strength diminishes or is absent

    I: Arterial Claudication
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