Life support

  1. What are the five oxygen storage systems?
    • Low pressure
    • High pressure
    • LOX
    • Solid state
    • OBOGS
  2. What color storage cylinder identifies a low pressure oxy sys? with in what range is this system considered full?
    • Yellow
    • 425 +- 25psi
  3. What color storage cylinder identifies a high pressure oxy system? with in what range is this system considered full?
    • Green
    • 1800-2000 psi
  4. Which is the modified high pressure oxygen system in the T-6? In what range is the cylinder considered full?
    • Emergency oxygen cylinder
    • 1800-2200psi
  5. Where is the Emer Oxy bottle located in the T6?
    Left side of seat
  6. The EMER OXY SYS can be used up to what altitude?
  7. The EMER OXY sys has a continuous flow delivery method, what does this mean?
    It will deliver oxy continuously until the oxy is depleted. it last 8-10min
  8. What is the known name for the pressure regulator?
    pressure demand oxygen system
  9. What is the operation and emergency ceiling of the pressure demand system?
    • FL430 norm
    • FL500 emergency
  10. What does CRU-60/CRP stand for?
    Connector regulator unit (60 is model) connector regulator personal
  11. How man lbs of force are required to disconnect the CRU-60?
  12. while checking the pressure demand system during the RICE check, how many breaths should you take? and why?
    three minimum, to monitor the flow indicator for alternate black and white indications.
  13. If the oxy sys fails how much emergency oxy do we have?
  14. How often should all life support equipment including harness be inspected?
    Every 30 days
  15. What regulation states that supplemental oxy should be used above cabin altitudes greater than 10K ft?
    AFI 11-202 vol 3 general flight rules
  16. What system do we use to check oxy mask yourself?
    SCOTT tester
  17. When checking for a seal in oxy mask what color are you looking for?
  18. Describe the RICE check
    • Regulator-chk general ext/Int condition
    • Indicator-chk flow indicator
    • Connections-check
    • Emergency-chk connection & pressure @1800psi
  19. What is the name of the parachute on the T-6?
  20. Describe the GQ-5000?
    21 ft. inflated diameter, multi-colored nylon aeroconical canopy
  21. Can you cut the lines on the GQ-5000?
  22. What is the steering mechanism that provides directional control of the GQ-5000?
    The Le-Moigne slots
  23. Where are the Le-Moigne slots located?
    162 degrees apart in gore 6 and 16
  24. How many lbs of pull pressure are required to operate the Le-Moigne slots?
    15-25 lbs
  25. what are the steps for the parachute landing checklist?
    • Canopy — Check
    • Visor — UP
    • Mask — Discard
    • Seat Kit — As appropriate
    • LPUs — As appropriate
    • Steering Toggles — Pull
  26. What can be doneif canopy is torn or lines broken?
  27. GQ-5000 will deflate ___ after a water landing.
    30 sec
  28. Between what altitude will the parachute canopy deploy automatically?
    14 - 18K feet MSL
  29. At what altitude will the chute deploy immediatley?
    Below 8k feet MSL
  30. If man seat seperation fails or seperation above 15K Ft MSL is desired, the aircrew should do what?
    actuate the yellow/black MOR (manual override) Handle
  31. describe the LPU (Life preserver unit).
    it is packed into a nomex container and is sea blue in color
  32. What should you never do during a chute landing?
    Cross your legs
  33. During a tree landing what should you jettison?
    The SSK
  34. What should you anticipate during a chute landing?
    Hitting the ground
  35. When preparing for a chute landing you should accomplish the PLF, describe it.
    • Knees Slightly Bent
    • Feet and Knees Together
    • Toes Pointed Downward
    • Eyes on Horizon
    • Hands on Quick Releases
    • Elbows Against the Body
    • Land on Balls of the Feet
    • Then Side
    • Then Back
  36. What system do you use to disconnect the parachute which allows you to jettison the canopy?describe the procedure.
    Canopy release. Press release lever slide towards each other. ther lever are known as the frost fittings.
  37. in which type of landings is the seat survival kit jettisoned?
    Tree landing and power line landing
  38. In which of the following landings is the Visor down?
    tree landing
  39. What is the most important factor in success or failure of an ejection?
    A timely decsion to eject
  40. What is the min recomended altitude for a controlled ejection?uncontrolled ejection? what are the altitudes based on?
    • 2000 ft AGL
    • 6000 ft AGL
    • A wings level attitude
  41. What color is the ejection seat handle?
  42. The T6 sea is a Martin Baker seat AKA "zero-zero", what does "zero-zero" mean?
    safe ejection at zero altitude zero speed
  43. Describe what happenes when the ejection seat is set to SOLO/BOTH.
    • If set to SOLO crew members eject individually.
    • if set to BOTH, both crew members eject, there is a 0.37 sec delay after the rear seat ejects before the front seat ejects.
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