Rocks and Minerals Quiz 1

  1. What is a rock made of?
    more than one material

    namely, one or more minerals and sometimes organic (once-living) particles
  2. What is a mineral made of?
    only one material
  3. What is a fossil?
    preserved remains of an organism that lived long ago

    sometimes it is just its imprint that is preserved
  4. What is an igneous rock?
    a rock formed from molten matter that has cooled and hardened

    this can happen either above ground or deep under ground
  5. What is a metamorphic rock?
    a mixed-up rock, made of minerals, igneous rock, sedementary rock, and other metamorphic rock

    made inside the earth under extreme heat and pressure
  6. What is a sedimentary rock?
    rock made from sediment deposited in layers and pressed together for a long time to form a solid

    the sediment can be minerals, pieces of other rocks, or even organic material
  7. What is petrification?
    the process of making a fossil
  8. What is luster?
    the ability of a rock to reflect light

    two types are metallic and non-metallic
  9. What is hardness?
    a mineral's resistance to scratching
  10. What is Moh's Scale of Hardness?
    a test used to rank the hardness of a mineral on a scale of 1 to 10

    1 is the softest, 10 is the hardest
  11. Describe metallic luster.
    dark in color and always opaque
  12. Describe non-metallic luster
    light in color

    can be described as glossy, brilliant, pearly, silky, greasy, or dull
  13. What is an atom?
    the smallest particle of matter
  14. What are the elements?
    100 substances that cannot be separated into different substances by ordinary chemical means
  15. What do you learn from the luster test?
    What the mineral looks like.
  16. What do you learn from the streak test?
    what the real color is
  17. What do you learn from the acid test?
    whether or not calcite is present
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Rocks and Minerals Quiz 1
Rocks and Minerals Quiz 1