1. Adenosine
    • Class: Antidysrhythmic
    • Ind: SVT
    • Concentration: 3mg/mL
    • Dose: 0.1mg/kg IV/IO rapid push (max dose 6mg)
    • 2nd Dose: 0.2mg/kg IV/IO rapid push (max dose 12mg)
  2. Albuterol
    • Class: Beta-2 Bronchodilator
    • Ind: Asthma, bronchospasm assoc. w/ anaphylaxis, hyperkalemia
    • Concentration: Neb 0.5% (5mg/mL)
    • Dose: 2.5mg/dose q 20min (<20kg); 5mg/dose q 20min (>20kg)
  3. Amiodarone
    • Class: Antidysrhythmic (Class III)
    • Ind: SVT, VTach w/ pulse, Pulseless arrest (VTach, VFib)
    • Concentration: 50mg/mL or 15mg/mL
    • Dose: 5mg/kg IV/IO over 20 to 60min (Max dose 300mg/kg) repeat to max daily dose of 15mg/kg (SVT, VTach w/ pulse); 5mg/kg IV/IO (max dose 300mg) can repeat to max daily dose of 15mg/kg
  4. Atropine
    • Class: Parasympatholytic
    • Ind: Symptomatic bradycardia, organophosphate poisoning, RSI (age <1yr, age 1-5yr w/ sux, <5yr w/ 2nd dose of sux)
    • Bradycardia Dose: 0.02mg/kg IV/IO (min dose 0.1mg, max dose 0.5mg [child] or 1mg [adolescent]). May repeat dose once (max dose 1mg [child] or 2 mg [adolescent]); 0.04 to 0.06mg/kg ET
    • Organo dose: 0.02 to 0.05mg/kg IV/IO then repeat IV/IO q 20 to 30min until muscarinic symptoms reverse
    • RSI: 0.01 to 0.02mg/kg IV/IO (min dose 0.1mg, max dose 1mg); 0.02mg/kg IM
  5. Calcium Chloride
    • Class: Electrolyte
    • Ind: Hypocalcemia, hyperkalemia, hypermagnesia, calcium channel blocker overdose
    • Concentration: 100mg/mL (10%)
    • Dose: 20mg/kg (0.2mL/kg) IV/IO slow push (cardiac arrest); 20mg/kg/30 to 60min (non arrest)
  6. Dexamethasone
    • Class: Corticosteroid
    • Ind: Croup, Asthma, Vasogenic cerebral edema
    • Dose: 0.6mg/kg PO/IM/IV (max dose 16mg) [use IV if impending respiratory failure] (Croup); 0.6mg/kg PO/IM/IV q 24hr x2 doses (max dose 16mg) (Asthma); 1 to 2mg/kg IV/IO, then 1 to 1.5mg/kg/day divided every 4 to 6hr (max daily dose 16mg)
  7. Dextrose
    • Class: Carbohydrate
    • Ind:
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