Vocab A Unit 9 (11-20)

  1. optional
    (adj.) left to one's own choice; not required
  2. outright
    (adj) complete; instantaneous; without reservation (adv.) completely, instantaneously
  3. rendezvous
    (v.) to meet in accordance with a plan (n.) a meeting place
  4. rotund
    (adj.) rounded and plump; full or rich in sound
  5. saunter
    (v.) to stroll; walk in an easy way (n.) a stroll
  6. sluggish
    (adj.) lazy; slow-moving; dull
  7. subordinate
    (adj.) lower in rank or position (n.) one who is in a lower position or rank v.) to put in a lower or secondary position
  8. tint
    (n.) a delicate color or hue (v.) to give color to something
  9. variable
    (adj.) likely to undergo change (n.) a value or quantity that varies
  10. verge
    (n.) the point at which something begins or happens; a border (v.) to incline, tend toward, approach
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Vocab A Unit 9 (11-20)
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