History 3

  1. Where is Mesopatamia-Earliest known civilazation
    In the fertile crescent, between the Tigris and Euphrates River in South West Asia, now Iraq. 5 to 6 thousand years ago.
  2. Why did civilizations arose in river valleys?
    • Rich Soil made it easy to grow crops and feed large numbers of people.
    • Transportation & Trade
  3. Features of societes
    • Cities & Government
    • Art
    • Religion
    • Social Classes
    • Writting Systems
  4. Early Government
    • In charge of food supplies and building projects
    • Laws to keep order
    • Armies for defense
  5. What is a Social Class and why did they develop?
    • People with a similar rank in society
    • Food surplus required society to be organized/specialized.
    • Class was determinedby what work you did and how much money you had.
  6. What does mesopotamia mean
    The land between the rivers.
  7. What did irrigation allow for?
    By bringing water to crops, irrigation allowed farmers to grow plenty of food for a large population.
  8. How was the geography of mesopatamia important?
    The rivers would flood leaving behind rich soil for farming.
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