pysch 2

  1. occurs when a stimulus activates a receptor
  2. study of people's tendencies to make correct judgments in detecting the presence of stimuli
    signal-detection theory
  3. organization of sensory information into meaningful experiences
  4. smallest change in a physical stimulus that can be detected between two stimuli
    difference threshold
  5. weakest amount of a stimulus that a person can detect half the time
    absolute threshold
  6. ________ may be comined with past experience to yield a perception
  7. The study of the relationship between sensory experiences and the physical stimuli that cause them is called
  8. The smallest increase or decrease in the intensity of a stimulus that a person can detect is the
    just noticeable difference
  9. The method for extracting information automatically from a stimulus is that
    preattentive process
  10. The principle that the larger or stronger a stimulus, the larger the change required for an observer to notice a change is called
    Weber's law
  11. flexible, transparent struccture in the eye that changes its shape to focus light on the retina
  12. carrise impulses from the inner ear to the brain, resulting in the sensation of sound
    audiotory nerve
  13. carries smell impluses from the nose to the brain
    olfactory nerve
  14. innermost coating of the back of the eye, containing the light sensitive receptor cells
  15. process of combining the images recieved from the two eyes into a single image
    binocular fusion
  16. not a form of electromagnetic radiation
    sound waves
  17. _____________ of sound depends on the vibration rate of the medium through which the sound wave is transmitted.
  18. in vision, the ________ responsible for changing the light energy into neuronal impusles.
    rods and cones are
  19. overstimulation of the ____________ can result in dizziness and "motion sickness"
    vestibular system
  20. pain results from
    many stimuli
  21. brief auditory or visual messages that are presented below the absolute threshold
    subliminal messages
  22. apparent movement of stationary objects relative to one another that occures when the observer changes postion
    motion parallax
  23. perception that misrepresnt the physical stimuli
  24. experience that comes from organizing bits and pieces of information into meaningful WHOLES
  25. tendency to percieve certain objects in the same way regardless of changing angle, distance or lighting.
  26. not an organizing principle of construction persceptions
  27. figure-ground perception is important in both _______ and vision
    depth perception
  28. we rely on _____________ when we assume that a steep hill in the distnace will not cause the highway we are on to come to an abruupt halt
    perceptual inference
  29. the process by which your eyes turn inward to looks at nearby objects is called
  30. esp type that involves reading someone else's mind or transferring one's thoughts?
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