Class #11

  1. Six reasons to prune trees
    • Remove dead branches
    • Remove crossing branches
    • Remove lower limbs that interfere with traffic
    • To slow growth
    • To reduce wind throw
    • To increase light penetration
  2. Ring shakes
    The separation of xylem circumferentially along annual rings caused by flush cuts
  3. Natural Target Pruning
    Removal of a branch at a line intersecting the branch bark ridge and branch collar
  4. Branch bark ridge
    A raised line of bark that forms on the upper side of where the branch joins the trunk.
  5. Branch collar
    A distinctive bulge at the base of the branch, where it connects to the trunk.
  6. Drop crotch
    A dominant leader is cut back to a lateral branch
  7. Deadwooding
    Removal of dead, weak and dying branches
  8. Crown cleaning
    Removal of dead, diseased, crowded, weakly attached, low-vigor branches and water sprouts from a tree crown
  9. Crown thinning
    Includes crown cleaning as well as the selective removal of branches to increase light penetration and air movement, reducing weight.
  10. Crown reduction
    Drop crotch pruning. Reduction of limbs to branches capable of assuming the terminal role (must be at least 1/3 size)
  11. Crown restoration
    Take a few of the best sprouts resulting from topping and train them over years to become branches
  12. Crown raising
    Removing lower branches to provide clearance for vehicles and pedestrians
  13. Rule of thirds
    When removing a branch, cut it back to a branch at least 1/3 the diameter

    Do not remove more than 1/3 the total leaf surface in any one pruning
  14. Timing to cable/brace
    • Do not cable/brace during spring growth or leaf fall
    • Prune prior to cable/brace
  15. Four Patterns of Cabling
    • Direct
    • Triangular
    • Box/Rotary
    • Hub and Spoke
  16. Types of Cable Hardware
    • Threaded Rod- when decay is likely
    • Eye bolts- use in decayed tree
    • Amon eye nuts
    • Lag hooks- no decay
  17. Rules of Cabling
    • Cables installed directly across the crotch, 2/3 from crotch to end of limb.
    • When more than one cable is installed on same branch, space 12 in apart and never directly above/below
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