Vocab 5-6 Sentences

  1. In My Antonia Mrs. Shimerda
    shocks her American neighbors by her old-country method of using
    fermented dough as a ___ for new loaves of bread.
  2. The film critic Penelope Gilliatt admries Judy Holliday and Marilyn Monroe for the ___ they impart as "beautiful clowns," smarter than everyone else and knowing that they will eventually be found out.
  3. Letters from home ___ the spirits of battle-weary troops.
  4. "By necessity, by ___, and by delight, we all quote." - Ralph Waldo Emerson
  5. Undersea photographs of the floor of the Atlantic Ocean reveal ___ that resemble topographical configurations on land.
  6. According to Flora Tristan, the llama is the only animal that human beings have not been able to ___ because it refuses to be mistreated or take orders.
  7. Trajan's column, which stands in Rome, is encircled with___ depicting the emperor's military victories.
  8. Thomas Betson, a fifteenth-century monk skilled in ___, could make a hollow egg appear to float by suspending it below his hand with a fine hair.
  9. Emmeline Piggolt, a Confederate spy who epitomized the elegant Southern belle, easily slipped military documents past Union sentries thorught the ___ of concealing the messages under her voluminous hoopskirt.
  10. The ___ of an automatic jack enables a person to raise a heavy vehicle.
  11. During her tenure as the British prime minister, Margaret Thatcher applied ___ to her conservative cabinet by appointing ministerswho agreed with her policies.
  12. Tests in Germany and Japan have proved that instead of moving on wheels, high-speed trains can ___ on a cushion of magnetic force.
  13. Tess Durbeyfield disdains the ___ of young village women whose chief pleasure is dancing on Saturday nights and sleeping off on Sunday the effects of their indulgence in "curious compounds."
  14. Niara Sudarkasa's ___ as a college student for facts about Africa led her to focus he career on African anthropology.
  15. Although they lacked wheeled vehicles, the Incas moved___ stones across high Andean passes to build cities like Machu Picchu.
  16. The ___ galleons of the Spanish Armada were no match for the light, fast British ships, able to strike and then dart out of firing range.
  17. The Pilgrim's Progress may seem ___ to some reader because of its heavily moral tone, but it remains the epitome of literary allegory.
  18. Although scientists can plan most aspects of a space flight accurately, the weather for launch and reentry remains an ___ factor.
  19. To honor their fallen comrade, the pilots flew in "man missing" ___, in which one position is left significantly empty.
  20. Promoted in 1970 to the rank of brigadier general in the
    Women's Army Corps, Elizabeth P. Hoisington and Anna Mae Hays became the first women to reach that echelon in the United States Armed Forces.
  21. To Emily Dickinson everyday occurences like seeing a snake,a clover, or a "slant of light" became ___, leading her to reflect on natural law and mortality.
  22. An ___ in the U.S. Congress for thirty-two years, Margaret Chase Smith served longer than any other woman.
  23. ___ school board members may stand a better chance in an election than their inexperienced challengers.
  24. It is ___ on all parents of school-age children to have them vaccinated for measles, mumps, and polio.
  25. Although they quarreled fiercely in life, the ___ effigies
    of Elaenor of Aquitaine and King Henry II of England now rest pacifically side by side on their tombs.
    • Although they quarreled fiercely in life, the ___ effigies
    • of Elaenor of Aquitaine and King Henry II of England now rest pacifically side by side on their tombs.
  26. Until 1882 when Robert Koch, a German physician, identified the tiny bacillus causing tuberculosis, its victims expected to ____quickly.
  27. Jane Austen's novel Emma depicts ___ humorously, as Mr. Woodhouse encourages guest to join him in eating wholesome gruel and fears the effect of bad weather upon his health.
  28. Although the ___ that all of the Indo-European family of languages derive from one original language is widely accepted, it will probably never be proven because this extinct language existed before the invention of writing.
  29. "the great tragedy of Science--the slaying of a beautiful ___ by an ugly fact." - T.H. Huxley
  30. A __ that occurred sixty-five million years ago changed
    atmospheric conditions so drastically that no dinosaurs were able to survive.
  31. From his research for the construction of an authentic ___,the writer Jim Paul concluded that Alexander the Great "transformed western culture" through his shrewd and powerful use of this weapon.
  32. Because flight decks on aircraft carriers are generally only 1,100 feet long, a ___ supplies the velocity planes need for take-off.
  33. When Charles Lindbergh landed in Paris in 1927, becoming the first person to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean, his flight ___ him to international fame.
  34. Isadora Duncan's ___ interpretations of classical Greek dances were greatly admired in Europe but not in America.
  35. Readers of newspapers expect editorials and letters to the editor to express ___ views but news stories to contain verifiable objective facts.
  36. Therapists attempt to train highly aggressive people to ___ their impulses to fight by visualizing peaceable alternatives.
  37. Mother Midnight ___ Moll Flanders by having her trained to pick pockets.
  38. When party members ___ the U.S. Secretary of the Interior, Albert B. Fall, to lie about the source of a loan for illegally leasing naval oil reserves, he became a central figure in the Teapot Dome scandal of the 1920s.
  39. After Kate Hardcastle learns that her suitor is too
    tongue-tied to speak with young women of his own social class, she adopts the ___ of appearing to be a family servant.
  40. Critics cite John Edgar Wideman as a novelist who captures the speech and thought of urban African-American youth with ___.
  41. Scientists now accpet as a ___ that ninety-nine percent of all biological phenomena eventually become extinct.
  42. The writer must leave "no room in his workshop for anything but the old ___ and truths of the heart, the old universal truths lacking which any story is ephemeral and doomed--love and honor and pity and pride and compassion and sacrifice." - William Faulkner
  43. After the Ancient Mariner's shipmates protest his killing of the albatross, he admits his error:
    And I had done a hellish thing,
    And it would work 'em woe:
    For all ___, I had killed the bird
    That made the breeze to blow.
    - Samuel Taylor Coleridge
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