Social Studies English Colonies

  1. What is mercantalism?
    The belief that power equals money, so countries exported more than they imported to create a favorable balance of trade.
  2. What was the Mayflower Compact? What was the purpose?
    Established a self government in Plymouth. Men would make and obey laws for the good of the colony.
  3. Jamestown
    The first permanent settlement in 1607.
  4. Why did England colonize?
    • Economic problems (imported more then exported)
    • Religious freedom
    • Raw materials
    • England would govern by:
    • Ignore colonies
    • Colonies make them a profit
    • Provide raw materials and purchase manufactured goods
  5. Why were the New England colonies founded?
    The first colony was Plymouth founded by th Pilgrims for religious freedom. Created the Mayflower compact becaused they did not have a charter from the king. They had town meetings and believed in working hard. Most educated
  6. Why were the Middle colonies founded?
    Propietary - One person originally owned all the land. They were promised religious freedom and a representative government. William Penn founded Pennsylvania for Quakes to practice their own religion
  7. Why were the Southern colonies founded?
    Rich men wanting wealth. Had a charter from the King. Most loyal to the King and made their money from commercial farming.
  8. Who were the most accepting/diverse colonies?
    Middle colonies
  9. What was the first elected assembly called?
    It was called the House of Burgesses.
  10. Indentured servant
    Someone who couldn't afford to go to the America's, so they worked for someone with more money for about 5-7 years to go to the America's.
  11. Slave
    Someone who worked for free. They were usually imported from Africa
  12. Import
    To bring into the country
  13. Export
    To send out of the country
  14. Apprentice
    Someone who was developing a skill and worked alongside an artisan (a master at that skill).
  15. Pilgrim
    Someone who wanted to move because of a religious purpose.
  16. Subsistence Farming
    Only farming enough for yourself, and not to sell or to make a profit.
  17. Breadbasket Colonies
    The Middle Colonies nickname.
  18. Commercial Farming
    To make enough crops to sell and make a profit
  19. Cash Crops
    Crops that you can sell to make money, like rice, tobacco, indigo, etc.
  20. What was the environment of New England like?
    • Cold winters
    • Rocky Soil
    • Forests, mountains
  21. What was the environment of the Middle Colonies like?
    • Mild weather
    • fertile soil
    • forests
  22. What was the environment of the Southern Colonies like?
    • Warm
    • very fertile
    • slow rivers
  23. What was the economy of New England like?
    • Whaling
    • subsistence farming
    • fishing
    • build ships
    • craftsmen (artisans)
  24. What was the economy of the Middle Colonies like?
    • Artisans
    • Trade
    • Some farming
  25. What was the economy of the Southern Colonies like?
    • Commercial farming
    • slaves
    • cash crops
    • traded with Europe
  26. What were the people of New England like? What was their culture?
    • *Towns*
    • Puritan influence
    • Education
  27. What were the people of the Southern Colonies like? What was their culture?
    • Plantations
    • ruralish
    • rich kind of
    • slaves
  28. What were the people of the Middle Colonies like? What was their culture?
    • Diverse
    • tolerant
    • separatists
    • Quakers
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