DH theory

  1. What purpose do the kidneys serve?
    sends clean blood to the body and waste products out by urine
  2. If a patient is on dialysis, what is dialysis doing for them?
    helping to circulate the blood in the patients body to reach the desired level for blood
  3. If urea is not being broken down due to kidney disease, what oral problems are most common?
    bad breath
  4. The patient should be premedicated with prophylactic ampicillian prior to exodontias. Systemic fluorides should be used on patients with hemodialysis and kidney disease because they are more prone to caries
    the first statement is true and the second statement is false
  5. _________is the main oral health problem caused by kidney disease on hemodialysis
  6. Hyperventilation is a common emergency in the dental office. Hyperventilation results in an increase of carbon dioxide.
    First statement is true, second statement is false
  7. All are possible causes of hyperventilation except:
    metabolic acidosis
  8. What are the main symptoms of hyperventilation? (3)
    • rapid, deep breathing
    • light headedness
    • rapid pulse
  9. There are no contraindications for treatment with antidepressants. Dry mouth is a side effect of the medications taken for anxiety
    both statements are true
  10. ________is an action taken during the emergency of hyperventilation
    calm and reassure patient
  11. What is the most common form of epilepsy?
    grand mal epilepsy
  12. A seizure results from abnormal brain activity. A seizure is a controlled brain activity that is predictable and voluntary
    The first statement is true, and the second statement is false
  13. What is the most likely cause of a seizure in the dental office?
    local anesthetic overdose
  14. Which is not a symptom of a seizure?
    ears ringing uncontrollably
    muscle movement and twitching
    loss of consciousness
    change in emotion
    ears ringing uncontrollably
  15. What should you not do during a seizure?
    time the seizure
    put a pillow or something soft under the head
    let the seizure run its course
    give mouth to mout resuscitation
    give mouth to mouth resuscitation
  16. left and right ventricular heart failure may develop independantly or occur simultaneously. isolated left ventricular failure is rare, it usually falls shortly after and as a result of right ventricular failure.
    the first statement is true, and the second statement is false
  17. What is responsible for 75% of all cases of congestive heart failure?
  18. In the case of a heart failure emergency in the dental office, how often should you monitor and record the patient's vital signs?
    every 5 minutes
  19. When is the best time to schedule an appointment for a patient at risk for heart failure?
    a short appointment in the morning
  20. Which ASA physical status class indicates that the patient can climb one flight of stairs but has to stop and rest before completing the task, so serious consideration of dental treatment modifications may be necessary?
  21. Hyperglycemia is a high blood sugar and is more life threatening. Hypoglycemia is low blood sugar and has a slow onset.
    Both statements are false
  22. What is not a symptom of diabetes?
    frequent urination
    always hungry
    sexual problems
    gaining weight
    gaining weight
  23. What does diabetes not increase risk for?
    enamel pearls
    neonatal morbitity and death
    high blood pressure
    periodontal disease
    enamel pearls
  24. What is not a symptom of hypoglycemia?
    Pale moist skin
    fruity, sweet breath or odor
    rapid, weak pulse
    normal to low blood pressure
    pale moist skin
  25. It is important to use long acting anesthesia on patients with diabetes to keep them out of pain longer. while treating patients with diabetes, its important for them to maintain a normal diet and insulin intake in the morning and eat breakfast prior to appointment
    first statement is false, second is true
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