Reproductive Vocab

  1. Foreskin
    • Skin around the glans of the penis
    • Part that gets circumcised
  2. Testis
    • Primary reproductive organ,
    • Site of sperm and testosterone production
  3. Egg (Ova)
    Sex cell made by ovaries that is fertilized by sperm
  4. Penis
    Tool to deliver semen to female reproductive system
  5. Ovary
    Female reproductive organ that produces eggs and hormones, progesterone, and estrogen
  6. Fertilization
    Egg and sperm coming together
  7. Endometrium
    • Inner wall of the uterus
    • Site of egg attachment
  8. Prostate Gland
    • Gland that adds fluids that nourish and protect sperm in semen
    • Common site of cancer in men
  9. Scrotum
    • A pouch (descended from the body) that contains tescicles
    • Needs to be lower than the body to keep the temperature perfect for sperm production
  10. Ejaculations
    An abrupt discharge of semen during an orgasm
  11. Fallopian Tubes (oviducts)
    • Fertilization site
    • Carries eggs to the uterus
  12. Vas Deferens
    Tubes that carry sperm from testis to penis
  13. Epididymis
    • Sperm storage
    • Sperm matures & learns how to swim
  14. Urethra
    • Tube that runs through the penis
    • Carries urine and semen
  15. Uterus
    • Site of embryo development
    • Thick & muscular
    • Has three muscle walls
  16. Glans
    Head of penis
  17. Cervix
    • Entrance to the uterus
    • Common site of cancer
  18. Sperm
    • Male gamete
    • Sex cell that carries father's genes
    • Starts being produced at puberty
  19. Seminal Fluid
    Sperm and fluid (semen)
  20. Vagina
    Reproductive organ that connects outside of body to the uterus and receives sperm during reproduction
  21. Seminal Vesicles
    Produces seminal fluid
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