Science Vocab Volcanoes

  1. BD: a weak spot or opening in Earth’s crust where magma comes out

    MD: an opening where magma comes out
  2. BD: a compound found in magma; helps determine viscosity

    MD: a compound found in magma
  3. BD: molten mixture of gases, rock and water

    MD: molten mixture of gases
  4. BD: molten material that has reached earth’s surface

    MD: molten material that reaches the surface
  5. BD: slow moving lava, high in silica content

    MD: slow moving lava
  6. BD: eruptions from low silica content magma and low viscosity

    MD:eruptions from low silica content
    Quiet Eruption
  7. BD: eruptions from high silica content magma and high viscosity

    MD: eruptions from high silica content.
    Explosive eruptions
  8. BD: fast moving lava, low in silica content; brownie batter

    MD: fast moving lava
  9. BD: a mixture of gases, ash, cinders and bombs from an explosive eruption

    MD: a mixture of gases
    Pyroclastic Flow
  10. BD: fine, dust like lava

    MD: fine, dust like lava
  11. BD: pebbled sized lava

    MD: pebbled sized lava
  12. BD: lava from the size of a baseball to a car

    MD: big sized lava
  13. BD: will never erupt again

    MD: will never erupt again
  14. BD: not currently erupting, but it’s likely to erupt again

    MD: not erupting
  15. BD: material in it’s simplest form; cannot be broken down anymore

    MD: material in it's simplest form
  16. BD: two or more elements that are together

    MD: two or more elements
  17. BD: volcanic ring around the pacific plate; 72% of world’s volcanoes

    MD: volcanic ring in the pacific.
    Ring of Fire
  18. BD: string of volcanic islands near subduction zones

    MD: string of volcanic islands
    Island Arc
  19. BD: fixed, weak spot in crust where magma comes out easily

    MD: fixed, weak spot in the crust
    Hot Spot
  20. BD: the resistance to flow

    MD: resistance to flow
  21. BD: pool of magma beneath the surface

    MD: pool of magma beneath earth's surface
    Magma Chamber
  22. BD: central tube connecting the magma chamber to the surface

    MD: tube connecting magma chamber to surface
  23. BD: opening where magma comes out, can be on top or on sides

    MD: an opening in the volcanoe
  24. BD: central opening at the top of a volcano

    MD: opening at the top of volcanoe
  25. BD: lava that comes out of and over the sides of a volcano

    MD: lava that flows sown the sides
    Lava flow
  26. BD: activity on earth that is caused by heat from within

    MD: activity on earth caused by heat
    Geothermal Activity
  27. BD: thin layers of lava that harden, forming a gradually inclined hill

    MD: thin layers of lava that harden
    Shield Volcanoe
  28. BD: most common, mixture of pyroclastic flow and lava

    MD: most common volcanoe
    Composite Volcanoe
  29. BD: made from pyroclastic flow, explosive eruptions

    MD: a cone shaped volcanoe
    Cinder Cone
  30. BD: hot water coming out of the ground

    MD: hot water out of the ground
  31. BD: magma chamber collapses and volcano sinks into itself

    MD: magma chamber that collapses
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