1. what is meiosis
    the making of gameats.
  2. what is mitosis
    the making of cells.
  3. which makes identical daughter cells, meiosis or mitosis.
  4. which prosses makes the sperm and egg, meiosis or mitosis
  5. if the genotypes for each arent are Pp and pP what percent of the offspring will have PP
    25% will have PP
  6. what does homozygous domonate look like
  7. how is it possable for two healthy-seeming parents to have a child with tay sachs disease
    The parents must be heterozygous and have the rececive allele for the disease.
  8. how do parents pass on genes to a child?
    they genes through gameats.
  9. what is the cod for a girl.
  10. what is the code for a boy
  11. what is the rcecive genotype for freckles?
  12. how does meiosi make sure they hav hlaf the amout of chromosomes
    they have pairs line u at the equater
  13. what is a pair of chromosomes that have the same genes anfd structure called.
    homologous pair
  14. how many alleles for each gene does an organism?
  15. what is a gene
    a small section of DNA that codes for a trait.
  16. what is the phenotype
    the way the genotype shows up.
  17. what is an allele
    the different forms a gene can have
  18. what is heredity
    the passing of traits from parent to offspring
  19. what is a gameat
    the way parents pass down DNA that are in the forms of a sprm and egg
  20. what are sex chromosomes
    they are chromosomes that determine the x of the offspring
  21. what is a rececive trait
    a trait that is only presant when there is no domonate allele
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