THS 502E Exam I

  1. What is pre-existence?
    Spirits exist before incarnation

  2. Define Mind (nous)
    Spirit exists before incarnation

  3. Define Heart (kardia)
    The human person as emotional, intellectual, volitional, moral, religious, etc. It is used to denote that which is central and vital in human nature.
  4. Define Spirit (pneuma)
    Spirit refers to the whole person commited to God, moved and motivated by God, in fellowship with God.
  5. Define Soul (psuche)
    Soul (psuche) describes the person as a created being living according to one's natural existence, especially in reference to the inner life.

    [difference between Greek and English is important]
  6. Define body (soma)
    • a. physical whole of a human or animal
    • b. Organic whole, group considered collectivley
    • c. Person turned outward in action
  7. Define Flesh (basar)
    Flesh is teh physical form of living, never as opposed to the self, but as teh proper medium of spiritual and personal life.
  8. Definition of Imago Dei
    Amazing ability and awesome responsibility to make visible the invisible attributes of the Creator and Redeemer.
  9. Spiritual (total) inability
    I cannot change myfundamental preference for sin and self, cannot restore relationship with God. I am specifically unable to respond to the gospel apart from the enabling grace of God.
  10. Pervasive (total) depravity
    Everything I do or am is tainted by sinfulness.
  11. Impartation
    Transmission of a substance, character or quality from another to me/us.
  12. Imputation
    To attribute (reckon) guilt or righteousness from another to me/us.

    Transfer the legal standing of one person to someone else.
  13. Inherited (original sin)
    Sinful state or condition into which all humans are born.
  14. Calvinistic definition of sin
    Any falling short of God's standard in an act, thought, or character.
  15. Wesleyan definition of sin
    Willful transgression of the known law of God.
  16. Dichotomy
    Immaterial is unified

    (Various terms describe various aspects of immaterial. Spirit and soul are usually synonymous)
  17. Trichotomy
    Immaterial is divided into 2 distinct substances

    Spirit--God-consciousness, spiritual capabilities

    Soul--Affections, desires, reason, emotions, will, self-consciousness

    Body--World-consciousness, physical sensor capabilities: feel, taste, smell, hearing, vision

    • Soul is the "I"
    • Spirit is how the "I" relates to God
    • Body is how "I" relates to the world
  18. Traducian
    Only Adam and Eve are created directly as whole beings

    Humans are procreated as unitary beings.
  19. Creationist
    God creates each soul immediately (directly) and places it in the body at conception.
  20. Human Constitution
    1. Mankind created as a unified whole person with 2 essences. (Gen 2:7, 2 Cor 7:1)

    • 2. The person has an immaterial and material essence
    • (2 Cor 4:16, Luke 1:46-47, Ja. 2:26/Mk 10:28)

    3. Bible uses many terms for immaterial aspect: Soul, Spirit, Heart, & Mind (Mk 12:30, Duet 6:5)

    ??What about 1 Thess 5:23??
  21. Image of God
    1. Mankind, whole person, male/female, individual/corporate (Gen 1:27, 2:7)

    2. As image mankind is relational as God is relational (Gen 1:26, Mt 22:34-40)

    3. Act out image through dominion and obedience (Gen 1:27)

    4. Image marred by the fall but still present (Gen 3, James 3:9, 1 Cor 11:7)

    5. Christians are being made more fully into the image of God (Col 3:10, Rom 8:29, 2 Cor 3:18)

    • ??How can we be in the image of God if He doesn't have a body and we do??
    • We are similar but not exact copies: i.e. coin or statue
  22. Total Depravity
    1. Condition that every person is born into (Ps. 51:5, Eph 2:1-3)

    2. Every aspect of a person is affected by it

    • Soul-Prov. 21:10
    • Spirit--2 Cor 7:1
    • Heart--Mt 5:28
    • Mind--Rom 8:7
    • Body--Rom 7:24

    3. Does not mean that everyone is as bad as they could be (Gen 20)

    4. People are unable to do anything that is acceptable by God apart from divine grace (John 1:13, 6:44, Rom 9:16, Col 2:13

    ??Why isn't everyone like Hitler or Manson??
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