1. Tenacious
    Holding fast; holding together firmly; persistent

    Athletes must be tenacious in the pursuit of excellence if they hope to become OLYMPIC champions like that one Jamaican Runner!!! BOOPBOOP!! Duttywine!
  2. Taunt
    To jeer at, mock(n) an insulting or mocking remark.

    It is not all unusual for brothers and sisters to tease and Taunt each other repeatedly.
  3. Supplant
    To take the place of, supersede

    • Computers rapidly supplant typewrites in the workplace.
    • Also like CD's supplant Cassette Players in Cars.
    • MP3 players supplant CD's in some cars now!
  4. Superfluous
    • Exceeding what is sufficient or required, excess
    • Neat and well organized people know how to eliminate all superfluous clutter.

    SYNONYMS: Surplus
    Grimly or scornfully mocking, bitterly sarcastic

    Great satirists save their most sardonic wit for the greedy, the corrupt, and the hypocritical audiences.
  6. PRIM
    Overly neat, Precise, Proper, or Formal; prudish

    How is it that such a prim and proper girl and a slob be boyfriend and girlfriend? How can the Prim girl stand being in a relationship with such a slob!lol
  7. Posthumous
    Occurring or published after death.

    Many artists and writers have been ignored during their lifetimes only to achieve POSTHUMOUS fame!!! That sucks! They should honor them while they are living I think!
    Easy to understand; clear; Rational; Sane

    The ability to speak in a lucid and persuasive fashion is a great asset to a politician.

    Sometimes after drinking alcohol, her mother is not LUCID and it causes the child to be very upset!
    Complicated; difficult to understand

    Our teacher took us through the INTRICATE solution to the math equation step by step to make sure that we understood it for the upcoming test.
    Never Stopping, going on all the time

    Jenny is Incessant about her school work! Meaning she does it all the time, because she wants to continue to be successful! :-)
  11. Impoverished
    Poor, In a state of poverty; depleted

    Some of Jennifer's friends are really impoverished... that is why we would have to pay for EVERYTHING!!!!
  12. Hew
    To shape or cut down with an ax; to hold to

    Even in a crisis, we must HEW to this nation's principles of Liberty, Equality, and Justice.

    Synonyms; Chop, Hack, Fell, Adhere, Conform
  13. Hamper
    To hold Back

    • Poor grades in 8th grade will Hamper you in your effort to get into a great Performing Arts High School..
    • Poor grades in High School will hamper you in your efforts to go to college and make something of yourself.....
    Fruitful, horrible: deathly pale

    Some people are almost afraid to go to sleep because they suffer from GHASTLY nightmares.
  15. Doleful
    SAD, Dreary

    One look at the Michigan State players doleful faces told me that the team had lost!!! GO BUCKEYES!!!!!
  16. Dilligent
    Hardworking, industrious, NOT LAZY!!!

    If Jenny is DILLIGENT she will get a big surprise at the end of the school year if she gets her grades up! :-)
  17. Defray
    TO PAY For

    Corporate Sponsors like, Adidas and Nike Companies help athletes like your cousin Jefferey Defray the cost of his travels around the world.
  18. credible

    Do you have a credible explanation for not completing your Latin homework?
  19. Bondage
    slavery; any state of being bound or held down.

    Many people escaped the cruel bondage of slavery with the help of the Underground Railroad
  20. Atone
    To Make Up for.

    • At one time or another everyone has done something that he or she needs to Atone for...
    • Moesha needs to Atone for her sins.
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