1. Elements of a successfull sports event business plan
    Describe sport event including date, time, location, history and purpose

    List the ppl responsible/managing event

    • ID what you have to sale and know your rights
    • determine what rights are for sale

    know demo

    describe markt, sales, adv, pr, hospitality
  2. Qualities of a successfull sponsorship proposal
    satisfies wants and needs


    ids cross promotions (B to B)

    says what your selling, costs, ROI

    calls for action, close
  3. Elements of sponsoprship plan that will convince a funder to fund an event
    Feature showcase, differentiate, associate and move product

    increase media

    entertain public and clients

    enhance or change image

    reach certian target, or all targets
  4. Audence demo includes
    age, sex, location, income, education
  5. Ways to find a sponsor
    Primary and secondary research

    see who else is sponsoring what
  6. Primary research for finding a sponsor includes
    surveys, interviews, studies, personal observations, attending events
  7. secondary research for finding a sponsor include
    newspapers, internet, trade publications
  8. Follow ups
    • wait 10-14 days
    • reach them on the phone or leave a voice mail.
    • wait a week and then call again
    • sent article of interest
    • create opportunity to meet in person
    • verbal agreement with a follow up in writing.
    • *contract
  9. List ways in which an organizer should service an agreement with a sponsor.
    easier to resign than find a new one. make them your most precious asset

    wine and dine

    get input/vested output

    make sure sponsor gets most oout of sponsorship

    give sponsoer PLANNED guidelines

    prevent ambush mrkt
  10. Pricing
    no magic formula

    • evaluate the beneifits
    • Media coverage - inches and min
    • number of impressions
    • know what market will bear
    • other events and orgs
    • cost of media in the market
    • any on site sales
    • value of intangibles
    • cause related marketing
  11. components of a contract
    • legal parties
    • category describtion and exclusivity

    performance responsibilities

    date, time

    location, financial, terms of payement, risk management, trademark, logo, experation date, date of execution
  12. ways to control costs in staging event and managing the sponsorship
    make all employees sales ppl

    reduce costs with inkind services and products

    always ask for discounts, borrow or barter
  13. Advantage of outside agency securing sponsor

    corporate conflicsts


  14. disadvantages
    potential conflict

    loss of control

    conlict on roles and responsibiltiy

    event organizer also gets a sponsor

    less incentive
  15. differentiate levels of sponsors
    title vs presenting

    Sponsorship titles are not consistent throughout the industry ⁃

    Each level of sponsorship should offer different amounts of benefits based on the value of the sponsorship ⁃

    There should be only one sponsor per product category, but many categories can be divided into various components ⁃

    The higher the level of sponsorship, the more benefits should be received.
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