KIN 352 Final

  1. Describe elements of a successful
    sport event business plan.
    List persons responsible for planning and managing the sport event and their relative experience

    Find people who will vouch for their experience

    Briefly describe event

    Identify what you have to sell and all of your rights

    Determine how you're going to protect those rights against ambush marketing

    Briefly describe the demographics of the participants and spectators and the estimated economic impact they will generate

    Describe marketing, sales, advertising, PR, hospitality and promotions plans

    Explain how you will amortize this capital investment and repay the loan

    Describe Risk management procedures

    Name your accountant and CFO and describe record keeping
  2. List the qualities of a successful
    sponsorship proposal.
    Satisfies prospects wants and needs

    Differentiates your event from other marketing opportunities

    Details the benefits, rather than the features, of your event

    Pushes the prospects "hot-buttons"

    Identifies cross-promotions

    States precisely what you are selling, the specific cost of entry, and the expected return on investment

    Calls for action and closes

    Is a strong business document that could be three pages or less

    Includes support material
  3. What elements of a sponsorship
    plan will convince a funder to fund an event?
    Know your event

    Determine what your event has to offer

    Offer other benefits that you are confident that you can deliver and afford

    Project participant and audience size and demographics that are a good fit with the sponsor
  4. List what would be included in
    describing audience demographics.




  5. List ways in which an organizer
    would find a sponsor.
    • Primary research
    • Walking or driving through area where event will take place
    • Going to events similar to yours

    • Secondary Research
    • Yellow Pages
    • Local Newspaper
    • Other Publications
  6. Give up ways in which an organizer
    should follow up with a potential sponsor.
    Voicemail after 10 to 14 days.

    Send an article that would be of interest to your client with a note attached

    When contact is made, ask to make a presentation in person

    Extend invites for corporate sponsors to attend your event
  7. List ways in which an organizer
    should service an agreement with a sponsor.
    Wine and dine

    Involve them in continuing decisions related to your event

    • Maximize Sponsorship
    • Sales, Advertising, Promotions, Merchandising, Hospitality, and PR
    • Provide guidelines and direction

    Prevent ambush marketing
  8. List items that should be taken
    into account in pricing a sponsorship.
    • Evaluate the value of each of the benefits identified
    • Including the amount of media
    • Is there more value in one product category than another

    Intangible and cause-related images
  9. List components of a contract
    between an organizer and sponsor.
    The Parties

    Category Description and Exclusivity

    Performance Responsibilities

    Date, Time


    Financial Responsibilities

    Terms of Payment

    Risk Management

    Trademark/Logo License

    Expiration Date


    Date of Execution
  10. List ways in which the organizer
    can control costs in staging the event and managing the sponsorship.

    Borrow and Barter
  11. List the advantages of using an
    outside agency to secure sponsors for an event.

    Corporate Contacts

  12. List the disadvantages of using an
    outside agency to secure sponsors for an event.
    Potential Conflicts

    Loss of Control

    Conflict on roles and responsibilities

    Event Organizer also gets a sponsor

    Less incentive
  13. Describe ways in which an
    organizer can differentiate the levels of sponsorships for an event.
    Title vs. Presenting etc.
    One sponsor per product category

    Higher level that the sponsor is, the higher the price and the higher the benefits

    Title--Presenting--Supporting/Associate--Official Suppliers--Individual Donors
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