Part 1 (2-15 & 20-34)

  1. Oratory/rhetoric:
    practice of giving speech
  2. Canons of rhetoric:
    • Aristotle and cicero divided the process of preparing a speech into 5 parts
    • 1.invention
    • 2. Arrangement
    • 3. Style
    • 4.memory
    • 5. Delivery
  3. Ethnocentrism:
    the belief that the way of ones own culture are superior to those of other culture.
  4. Cultural intelligence:
    being skilled and flexible about uinderstanding a culture, learning more about it from your ongoing interactions with it, and gradually reshaping your thinking to be more sympathetic to the culture.
  5. Responsibility:
    a charge, trust, or duty for which one is accountable.
  6. Ethos:
  7. First Amendment:
    guarantees freedom of speech.
  8. Values:
    our most eduring judgment or standard of what's good and bad in life.
  9. Defamatory:
    Potentialy harms an indiviual's reputation
  10. Reckless disregard for the truth:
    if you knew that what you were saying was false but said it anyways
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Part 1 (2-15 & 20-34)